Jurlique Hydration Heroes

To tackle my dehydrated skin, I rely on pumping in the moisture in my morning and evening skincare routine. With masks, thick cleansers and gel formulas, I get all the nourishment I need. With the weather dropping in temperature, my all year round dry skin becomes a whole lot more dehydrated and tends to lose it's glow, resulting in a lacklustre complexion which is not what I want. To restore a healthy looking complexion that is blemish free and oozing with moisture, I've been using the Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus range which has totally transformed my skin. These have been real skincare saviours this month and without them, my skin would be a dehydrated mess. 

THE MASK (£32.50): To give my skin an intense mid week treat, I slather on a layer of the Jurlique Rose Plus Mask*, a rich cream formula that is packed full of antioxidants and finished off with a pungent rose scent. Rich in essential fatty acids, this is the perfect mask for other dry skinned girls like myself as it works at replenishing, hydrating, soothing and boosting radiance. The rosehip, avocado and macadamia oils work together on restoring a dull complexion and re hydrating from within. Used all over for 20 minutes this works as an instant pick me up or for a more relaxing, intense treatment then I leave it on over night and remove in the morning with exfoliating pads or a light toner. Once removed, my skin is plump, beaming with radiance and feels a lot smoother and more hydrated. This has been one saviour this Autumn! Retailing at £18, this is an incredible price for such a high tech, luxe cleanser. 

THE CLEANSER (£18): My cleansing routine has been transformed since replacing my usual favourites with the Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cleanser*. Up until this luxurious product made it's way into my skincare regime, I was a total foaming cleanser phobe and stayed clear from anything like it with the fear it would dry out my skin but with this Jurlique offering, my skin has never felt more hydrated and soft. I massage the lightly whipped formula into my damp skin, breaking down any makeup whilst bringing the blood to the surface to plump my face. The antioxidants really work at improving skins condition whilst removing any traces of makeup whilst enhancing cell turnover. 

THE GEL MOISTURISER (£32): For some serious hydration action, I rely on my Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Revitalising Gel Lotion*. This acts like no other moisturiser I've tried with it's silky gel formula that instantly refreshes my skin with it's cool effect that protects and replenishes whilst the rose helps re hydrate and soften. Despite being a rich moisturiser, this is such a lightweight formula it feels like applying water to my skin as it sinks in and reveals a luminous complexion. The gel doesn't leave any excess product or residue on the skin, once it's on, it's sunk in and working it's magic.