3 Blogs | The Daily Reads #2

It's time to share the blogging love again for some of the best bloggers out there which happen to be my favourite blogs to read. I'm a total beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog fiend, I love seeing what beauty products people are using right now and what's on peoples fashion wish list to a new pair of shoes. There's just nothing better than waking up in the morning, grabbing a coffee and reading through my star bloggers. Here's who's being featured this week... 

PORCELAINBEAUTYX | As well as having a super duper blog, full to the brim of beauty posts, Heather is so lovely. I went to her for some bloggggin advice and she was happy to help and chatted away for hours. ANYWAY. If you're after a blog that offers detailed product reviews and a weekly update post then head over to this blog now. Whenever I see PB has added a new post, I'm straight to read it and comment. Heather has a well deserved place in this weeks daily reads, a great blog and a great girl. 

GH0STPARTIES | Famous for her beautiful home interior snap shots and Instagram to die for, Katie has the most incredible blog filled with fantastic posts that will keep you reading and wanting more. You can expect seasonal makeup edits, travel updates of where Katie has last jetted off too (I now want to book a flight to Iceland) and tips on how to improve your Instagram photos or how to prep your skin for a hot holiday. If you need help with how to take a good photo then THIS is the place to go. It is hard to discover an Instagram or blog that has photos as perfect as Katie's, she is my main inspo. It's fair to say I am totally obsessed with Gh0stparties as a blog, if I'm looking for inspiration then this is where I'll go and always leave with total blog envy. 

STYLELOBSTER | Oh EMILY. You are totally gorgeous. I don't really know where to start with Style Lobster so I'll start by telling you just HOW amazing this blog really is. With a stunning clear layout Emily posts everything from a new pair of court shoes to drugstore makeup menus. Not only does Emily have a super duper blog, she's actually on YouTube as well where she updates great videos which leave me with a wish list the length of my arm (especially when it's a video featuring ALL Charlotte Tilbury). Check out here channel here and hit subscribe. You won't regret it. I'm always ready to read and watch Emily's new posts/videos and as a person, she is totally fab, happy to chat away for god knows how long. I think it's time we went shopping. Now that'd cause some serious bank damage. 

What blogs are you loving reading this week ladies? 

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