Worth The Splurge

Within ones beauty stash, I think having a mix of both drugstore and high-end products is important. I love a good beauty bargain and having the choice of affordable products in front of me but I also enjoy the more luxe products which I save up for. Or... sometimes I just like to treat myself and head over to Selfridges beauty hall. Everyone's gotta treat themselves once in a while! After years of using makeup and different brands, I have tested high end products that aren't worth the money, but many which are, so after delving into my stash, I picked out 7 luxurious products I personally think are worth handing your money over for!

Anastasia Contour Kit | £39.99: For me, this was one of the best beauty buys and investments I have ever made. I have a full review here, so I won't babble on toooo much about this one! The formulas, shades, consistency and lasting power of the powders make it well worth the money. I can achieve the most natural looking contour for everyday makeup and for when I'm looking for a more glamorous look, you can really build up the colour for a much more structured look. This is my secret weapon to a pair of cheek bones.

Dolce And Gabbana Shine Lipstick | £26: D&G have got lipsticks down to a T. Smooth, creamy, hydrating, long lasting, pigmented, I could go on and on. Something all of you girls need is one of these for the most perfect lip with ultimate precision. The luxurious gold packaging makes this a handbag essential for special occasions or just something you can treat yourself too... Something really special about the Dolce & Gabbana lipsticks is that they smell like roses which as you can imagine, makes them even more of a joy to wear. From pinks to true reds and dark purples, there really is a shade for everyone.

By Terry Lip Gloss | £30: When it comes to lip glosses, By Terry know exactly how to do it. With a dreamy shade range and rose scent, these are just the best gloss' by far. Moisturising, non sticky and tacky feeling with a beautiful shine finish, I love these for everyday wear or on top of a lipstick to jazz things up a bit. The slim travel size tubes makes these a wonderful addition to the handbag and the easy applicator ensures you can apply them on the go without getting lip gloss all over your face, and we don't want that.

Acqua di Parma Rosa Perfume | £72-£100: This is possibly the most beautifully packaged perfume ever and the most beautiful smelling perfume ever. One spritz releases a delectable delicate soft rose scent making you feel fresh and glamorous. I love how inviting the pale rose looks in the bottle and that when paired with the gold lid and label, it appears as an incredibly luxurious product. I believe every girl deserves an exclusive perfume on there shelf, especially if it's one that smells this good.

Chanel Nail Varnish | £18: For those who want non chipping, long lasting, thick nail polish that is fast drying then go grab a pot of Chanel. These are most definitely a luxe product and totally worth the money. The incredible amount of shades on offer ensure a polish for any occasion and make such a special addition to ones collection. This is definitely one of those perfect applicator moments, not too thin, too long or short, it's just the right size for accurate and smooth application.

What products do you think are worth the splurge?