The Classic Collection- Lipstick

Ahhhhh,  I can't believe this is the last post of my Classic Collection series, I have had so much fun with this series and I hope you have all enjoyed reading them as much as I have writing them! There will be more series coming to JHM which I am excited to share with you! Now, for the final week, I am talking about a favourite topic amongst many beauty babes, lipstick. I believe that no girl can have enough lipsticks, come on, we all have about 5 of the same colour, but we promise we wear them all... High end, in between and budget, there are so many around, matte, satin, glossy, shine, it can be harder to actually decide the finish over the brand and colour sometimes. Seeing as I love the drugstore for lipstick, it did take me a while to choose my affordable option and the high end was a pretty easy decision, (although I was stuck between two so I may have to mention the other fav) Let me tell you what I picked out the pot....

Now something every girls needs is a Chanel lipstick. The formula of these lipsticks is incredible; smooth, creamy and long lasting with a huge colour selection. Chanel actually has 5 formulas available; Rouge Coco, Rouge Coco Shine, Rouge Allure Luminous Satin, Rouge Allure Luminous Intense and Rouge Allure Velvet. For me, the Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour is the most beautiful of them all and was a winner for me. I love how nourishing and moisturising these feel on the lip, even though they are incredibly long lasting, they don't dehydrate or dry out my lips like some do. The satin finish is full of pigmentation, giving a bold block of colour. I could babble on about these forever and ever and you probably get the jist on just how amazing these are, so I'll zip my lips... Now, dropping £24 on a lipstick is alottaaaa money but like I said, every girl needs a Chanel lipstick and these are so worth it girls. 

So, if you read my When To Splurge and When To Save post, then you would've seen that I said not to splurge on lipsticks and so you're probably all wondering why I told you go hand over £24 at the Chanel counter, am I right? This is because when it comes to drugstore lip products, nothing matches up to my Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana in that case, but there are other high end lipsticks with amazing high street dupes, starting off with Topshop. The Topshop Lipsticks are seriously good, everything from shade to finish to packaging, it is probably my most worn lipstick. I have the shade Naturist, a gorgeous pink/nude suitable for everyday wear and I think I am in love with it. The satin finish hydrates and moisturises my lips all day and adds just the right amount of shine. For £8, you really cannot go wrong with Topshop Lipsticks. Now it's time for my favourite ever high street brand, KIKO, possibly the most incredible makeup brand out there and as you all know, I love it. The quality and product selection is amazing for the price they are available for and many of the products actually beat my high end picks, including their lipsticks. The Kiko Smart Lipsticks are £3.90, yes you heard me right, £3.90 for a rich and nourishing burst of colour with a ultra silky finish. God I forget how good these are. They are available in 24 shades so there really is a shade for everyone and the application is easy to do first thing and throughout the day if needs be. If you're a lipstick lover then these lipsticks are for you, for the price they go for, I can see me stocking up on many more! 

Thank you all for reading my Classic Collection posts each week and get ready for more exciting series on JHM...

What are your favourite high end and drugstore lipsticks? 
alec vanderboom