Lipstick For Blusher

In the cold, wet and wild months of A/W I am very much a powder blush gal but for fresh Spring skin and makeup, I am all for the healthy, sheer wash of colour on the cheeks and power blushes are just out of of the question for this one. With the movement towards healthy complexions, comes cream blushers which give a natural flush of colour and appear incredibly fresh. When it comes to achieving these healthy looking cheeks, you can grab a cream blush or something I love doing which doesn't require me buying any more products, is using lipstick for blusher, kinda weird, but trust me, the results are awesome... 

Texture wise cream products are creamy (obviously) and blend-able meaning they actually last pretty well on the skin. For a cream blush option then of course there is my favourite MAC Cream Blend Blush in Lady Blush but by using lipsticks, I have so much more choice and can mix colours to get my perfect blush shade. For a pretty pop of pink then Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick in Fall in Rose is a lovely vibrant pink that really wakes up your complexion. The texture is incredibly creamy and smooth but very lightweight so blends onto the skin seamlessly and doesn't rub away your base makeup. As you all know, in Spring I love a bit of coral makeup so of course my Anthropologie Lip Treatment is in here. For a sheer splash of peach then this is the perfect cheek product for you. If you you like your makeup to look really natural then due to the sheer shine of this, your skin is instantly more radiant and glossy looking without looking like you're wearing lots of different products.

For a darker, more mauvey blush, then Topshop Naturist is your best option and is the one I wear the most on my cheeks. The colour is a very natural nude with a tiny hint of shimmer when it catches the light so when wore as blush, this gives such a beautiful glow and looks amazing when wearing the lipstick on your lips also. I've actually had the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Shimmer Lipstick in Pink Parfait for a while now but it was one that I kind of abandoned and forgot about, but I recently rediscovered it and have been absolutely loving it ever since. The shade is a dusky rose pink with slight shimmer running through it and is just a lovely everyday pink to wear on both your lips and cheeks. The formula is a little thicker than the other choices, so I use a lot less on my cheeks and sheer it out on my hand first. Each lipstick has amazing lasting power and the colour doesn't come off my skin until I attack it with cleanser at the end of the day. For really fresh looking makeup then I love using this little top tip, especially as it saves the pennies! Who needs cream blushers when you have lipsticks?

Have you tried wearing lipstick for blusher?
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