An Ode To Avene

If you want to get that flawless looking, glowing skin then getting your skin care right is absolutely key. Finding the right products and knowing which products to use on your skin can be tricky, especially with the amount of products out there! I am a massive skincare junkie, I have my all time favourites which I stick to most of the time but I also love trying out new skincare brands and different products to spice things up a little. A brand I have really enjoyed using is Avene, all of their products are suitable for the most sensitive skin and are super gentle and just beautiful to use. With some new favourites arising, here is what Avene has on offer...

Gentle Cleanser... When it comes to taking off my makeup at the end of the day, I want something that's going to work into the skin and get every last bit of it off but I also want something which is gentle and doesn't irritate my skin so this soothing gel cleanser is absolutely perfect. The gel silky formula is one of my favourite things about it, it's cooling and calming on the skin making it very hydrating and it removes every last trace of my makeup. An easy cleanser for Β£11, you can't go wrong with this one!

Relief Concentration... This fast acting formula is such a good cream if you suffer with redness or just if you occasionaly get a lil red in the face! Again this is such a gentle product and so so moisturising on the skin, it relieves any nasty red patches and keeps everything looking smooth and fresh.

Recovery Cream... This is a serious ultra soothing cream which is enriched in goodness and doesn't have anything nasty in it that will irritate your skin. For girls like me, with dry/dehydrated skin then this is the perfect moisturiser for you- hydrating, rich and super effective.

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover... Along with the cleanser, this eye makeup remover is also in gel form, making it incredibly soothing and cooling to use. One thing I hate about some eye makeup removers is how oily they are and some leave a horrible greasy residue on your eyes but this one leaves nothing. It removes all eye makeup with ease and if you use it in the mornings, it really awakens your eyes and de puffs them. Top tip!

Water Spray... When it gets super sticky and hot and sweaaaaty in summer then this is an essential for my hand bag. I always carry one around with me, they are so handy to just quickly spritz over your face or body for a mini cool down. The Avene one is actually a pretty multi tasking product, aswell as using it to cool you down, it works as an 'after cleanse' and you can use it to set makeup. I do love a multi tasking product- super duper handy!

Have you tried anything from the Avene range?