What Brand Is Best For What?

With so many brands out there selling the same kind of products, blushers, matte eye shadows, a eye shadow stick, dewy foundations, creamy concealers, it can be pretty daunting in terms of knowing which brand to choose and of course knowing which product to buy. After rummaging through all of my makeup I picked out some firm favourite products which particular brands just totally ace. So here is my take on what I think brands are best for...

Best for Base: If you've been reading my blog for a while now, this isn't going to come as a surprise to you, the brand that comes to mind as soon as anyone mentions the word foundation is Giorgio Armarni. I am a huge lover of Luminous Silk, a great base for special occasions where you need a little extra coverage and longevity. There's also Designer Lift which is a very full coverage luminous matte finish and then Maestro is lovely light coverage matte finish which reveals natural radiance. However, there is the world of NARS where bases are too perfection. Sheer Glow holds a very special place in my heart for a beautiful all over glow.

Best for Blush: When I think blush, I think NARS. They are hands down, the best for blushers. A huge colour range, the product will last you near to a life time and they are just completely and totally beautiful. Famous for their shade Orgasm and quite right so, (it is one of my favourites) I am also a sucker for Super Orgasm and Torrid. In fact, for any cheek colour, NARS have got it spot on, bronzer and highlighters are also a speciality of theres, you all know my love for Laguna.

Best for Eye Shadow: I have recently got a lot more into eye shadow, I used to be pretty rubbish at it and so would try to avoid it, but after trying out different products, I don't go a day without jazzing up my eye lids. In terms of powder shadows, it was a pretty easy decision, my Scotch On The Rocks palette has caused an on going love for Bobbi Brown. From colour choice, pigmentation and formula, they are the best I've tried. However, for lazy days, I don't have the effort to use powder and reach for a cream shadow stick where I am done in about 20 seconds. Two favourites here, Collection and Kiko, both are creamy, blend-able, affordable and long lasting. Buy now, thank me later on this one.

Best for Lips: I think most people would choose this brand for this one... obviously it's MAC. The amazingly wide range of finishes and colours means there is a lipstick for everyone and that they cater for my everyday lips of Velvet Teddy and the glamorous, bold evening lips where I love Dubbonet and Rebel. MAC have also won the lipliner award for me, there is a shade to go with almost every one of their lipsticks and they are sharp, blend-able and the perfect base for any lipstick to enhance that natural shape.

What brands do you think are best for these categories?
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