Urban Decay Have Aced It With A New Concealer Release

So I was pretty quick at getting my hands on this new release, as always I see a new beauty release, get a bit over excited and go and buy it, guilty. Lily Pebbles' video is what actually made me want to try this and after she raved about it, it's now my turn to because this Urban Decay Naked Concealer is awesome in every way. When it comes to high end concealers, I have ones which I love, some that I get along with just fine and get the job done but after using this for just one day, it blows them off the fences. Let me tell you why...

Incase you're wondering why the shade is so pale, I did get the lightest, Light 01, which actually turned out to be the near perfect match, not too pink, yellow or grey, a little lighter than my skin tone, making it ideal for brightening up my face. The formula is lightweight with a luminous finish which blends into the skin seamlessly and is actually pretty good at covering blemishes considering it is very creamy. My favourite way to use this is under the eye, on those bags I wake up with when I haven't had enough sleep, but they are gone in seconds when the Naked concealer is in town.

The doufer applicator is easy and clean, just dab it straight onto the skin or onto your hand and apply it with a brush, both work beautifully! This is very much so 'a little goes a long way' product so you only need a small amount, we all love to hear this about a product as it means it won't be empty in a months time and you won't be having to empty your pockets for another tube!

Here is what really got me hooked. This is what I would call 'the everything concealer', if I was to pick one concealer to do it all, this would be the one, it's a great concealer if you're looking for something with a high coverage but not cakey and something that is light enough for the delicate eye area. A non drying and crease free product in a travel size tube that I simply cannot fault!

If your like me and have already taken the plunge with this product then I salute you and would love to know what you think!

Are any of you tempted by this product? What are your 'everything' concealers?
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