The Most Wonderful Shadow Stick

I've become a huuuuuge fan of the eye shadow stick and am slowly building up my collection with a mix of high end and drugstore. Today I am talking to you about the wonderful Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, probably my favourite of the eye shadow sticks! The idea of stick makeup all began with the famous chubby sticks and slowly grew to eyes and you can now get stick blushers & bronzers! The makeup stick hype is constantly growing...

The beauty of the eye shadow stick is how easy they are to apply. When it comes to eye shadow I am pretty lazy so this is definitely my favourite way to spice up my eyes! The formula's are super creamy and blendable, you can simply scribble this all over your lid, blend it out with your fingers and you are good to go! Once set, these do not budge one bit, the lasting power is incredible, I don't use a primer underneath and am guranted a shimmery eye throughout the day/night. The shimmer is pretty subtle, not too stand out and 'sparkly' but not matte, it has just the right amount of shimmer to create that beautiful shimmery eye effect. In terms of coverage, you can apply one swipe and lightly pat it in for a sheer finish or you can really build it up and press it in for a rich opaque look. My favourite way to apply this is straight onto the lid from the stick and then blend it with my fingers as the warmth works really well on keeping the product creamy. The really handy thing about these sticks is how portable they are, take it with you in your bag and you can apply it on the go ready for a night out. Let me talk you through my 4 caviar stick shades starting from the far left swatch...

Sugar Frost: A beautiful golden beige shade. This is the easiest of the 4 shades to wear, it's so simple and looks gorgeous when applied lightly or layered on. It goes with all makeup looks, red, nude & plum lips and is a great every day colour!

Amethyst: A rich, mauve/brown (appears more brown in the swatch!). This is probably my favourite shade of the caviar sticks. I'm really into brown shades on my eye at the moment, I find they are really flattering and make my eyes appear bigger! Amethyst can be worn all over the lid but also looks lovely just on the top lash line and smudged slightly (before it sets).

Moon Light: This is a soft sparkling taupe/light gold shade with a soft metallic sheen when applied. Moon Light works beautifully all over the lid or this looks really pretty over Sugar Frost when applied in the middle to bring light to the centre of the eye.

Pink Opal: A dusky, dirty pink with golden sheen. A great shade to wear all over the lid, the colour is really complimentary to my skin tone and works beautifully as a highlight on the brow bone and in the corners of my eye. The finish of this is more a sheen than a shimmer and slightly metallic.

After writing this, I can see a post coming up on my eye shadow stick collection!!

Are you an eye shadow stick lover? Which ones are your favourite?!
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