Beauty Tips & Tricks

We all love a good beauty tip on how to make sure we are getting the most out of our products and using them to their full potential, so I have rounded up my best tips and tricks on how to get gorgeous looking makeup every day. From knowing how to contour to keeping your eye brows in place, I have plenty of tips to make you feel like a make up artist!

How to get Luscious Lashes: If you want those 'WOW factor' lashes then you need a pair of decent eye lash curlers! The difference in how your eyes will appear is astonishing, your mascara is less likely to clump and you will have curled, long fluttery lashes!

Making use of old mascaras: Running low on mascara or ran out? Don't throw the wand away! These turn into great tools for brushing your brows and to really keep your brows in place you can spray hair spray onto the wand itself, then brush it through. You will all need a clean spoole at some point, trust me!

How to get plump looking lips: Lining your lips is the really obvious answer to this, but if you want to get even more plump lips then apply a highlighter to the centre of the lips, on the top and bottom and they will be looking very juicy!

The secret to a smooth & glowing foundation? If you're after glowing skin but don't want to look like a glitter ball from applying too much highlighter, then mixing in an illuminating primer or liquid highlighter with your foundation will give you dewy, natural looking skin.

The best way for natural looking blusher: Powder blusher can sometimes appear heavy on your skin and make you look like you have more products on than you actually do. There is a simple answer to this, cream blusher. However, if you don't own cream blushers then do not panic... Using lipstick as blusher is just as effective, the results are so natural, creamy and dewy. This is my new favourite makeup trick!

How to get bronzed eyes without buying a new eye shadow: Using a bronzer as an eye shadow is just as good as a bronze powder eye shadow. Okay so it might not be as shimmery or metallic but if you're after a semi matte shadow then this is a great option.

A trick for flawless foundation: The best and most easy way to achieve flawless looking skin is to apply your foundation with a brush and apply it everywhere. This way you can ensure all is blended in properly and you have an even complexion. Apply a highlighter before foundation, as this will make you look like you're glowing from within and you will glow all day.

How to apply bronzer the right way: Applying bronzer and looking naturally sun kissed can be a tricky task, it really isn't a good look when you apply too much and look orange or muddy. To prevent this, apply bronzer with a large fluffy brush which wont pick up too much product and lightly dust this in a 3 shape down your face. Always blend bronzer down your neck to avoid any harsh lines.

Why everyone can wear dark lipstick: Yes, you read it right, there is a dark lipstick for everyone! If you look better in cool shades then go for a plum shade or if your skin tone is warmer, edge towards shades which have brown undertones. Keeping the rest of your makeup minimal is essential when wearing a dark lip, simple eye makeup and avoid bright blushers.

How to get fuller looking brows: Using a brow pencil is the most natural way to enhance your brow shape and running a spoole through them in an upward motion will make them appear more bushy. Brow tints or serums which stimulate hair growth is another option to help your brows along the way.

Where to contour & where to highlight: Contour being the new thing everyone is doing in the beauty world, if you want it to actually work then it is important to get it right. The idea is to highlight the areas you want to stand out and create shadows where you don't right? So before you slap it on anywhere, think about it. Contour the hollows of your cheeks, temples, jaw line and the top of your fore head. When it comes to highlight, the tops of your cheek bones, centre of the face, brow bone and I like to use a light concealer under my eye to brighten my complexion.

A lipstick, blush/bronzer and eye shadow in one: This is the beauty behind the NARS Multiple or the Chubby Stick in Clinique's world. To save money, get your hands on one! Quick, easy and multi purpose, you can stick these anywhere you want to! 3 for the price of 1 or what!

So there are my tips and tricks on how I make my products last and achieve beautiful but natural makeup. Of course you don't have to do your makeup like this, and I'm not saying this is the only way to do it, it is just how I do mine and these little tips work well for me!

Do you have any top tips?
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