The Classic Collection: Lip Liners

Lip Liners were definitely the most hyped about product of 2014 and I have to be honest with you, I joined in on the hype. I tried sooo many different lip liner formulas, colours and brands but I have clear high end and drugstore winners for this category, I instantly knew which ones to choose which shows my love for these products! Before I babble on about why I love these pencils and why you should all get one, if you haven't tried lip liners before then do not be afraid, they are so easy to apply and blend in, you don't need to worry about looking like a clown, you will get the hang of it very quickly and you will be faking those Angelina Jolie lips in no time! 

MAC: Ohhh MAC, MAC MAC, probably the most famous lip liners on the market today? Everyone talks about them, knows about them and uses them, there is a particularly large hype around the shades Whirl and Soar as they are said to be the shades Kylie Jenner uses. I think the price point of Β£12.50 for these is very reasonable and pretty affordable for what you get and the size of the pencils. The consistency of these is so beautiful, they are soft, creamy, sharp and glide onto the lip with ease you only need a light hand. I can easily work with these pencils, one line is a really solid colour and when I fill the entire lip, they are super opaque and don't dry them out, working as a perfect base colour for my lipstick! I have the shade Brick which is a dark, deep red. This has made it's way into my top lip product list and will be sticking there for a very long time! 

KIKO: As many of you may know, I am obsessed with Kiko products and always go on about what an amazing, affordable, high quality brand it is! I did a big order around Christmas time, haul post here, and in my order, I was keen to pick up a lip liner to try. I got the shade Rosewood, a plumy/pink. The pencils are super duper long lasting, the quality is seriously amazing but the affordable price. The texture is incredibly soft, and creamy however the pencils aren't as sharp as MAC so not as easy to get a really precise outline! I was really impressed with these liners and having tried Rimmel and The Body Shop liners, my Kiko one definitely tops them. If you are looking for a lip liner but aren't to keen on spending over Β£10 then in my opinion, these are your best option. 

Lip liners are a staple product in my makeup bag now, and I use one most days of the week when I wear makeup as I think they make such a difference! I have a detailed lip liner post here with some extra tips and tricks! 

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