CiatΓ© Cream Soda

On my nails this week I have been obsessed with Ciate Cream Soda, so much that I have taken it of and reapplied the same colour about 3 times! I am really enjoying wearing something more neutral and Cream Soda is a really wearable, everyday shade that goes with everything.

The formula of Ciate nail polishes is amazing, they are opaque, long lasting and the thin brush makes the polishes a dream to apply. With one coat you get a strong layer of polish but to even things out and make mine more opaque I apply two coats. The finish of the polishes aren't gel like but they aren't matte, they have a gorgeous shine to them, looking natural and sophisticated. To get really gel looking nails then apply a top coat over the top, No7 do a great one especially for gel finishes!

Ciate nail polishes are definitely a new favourite of mine, I will be picking up more shades for the Spring! What are your favourite nail polishes or Ciate shades?
alec vanderboom14 Comments