The All Round Beauty Essentials

After going through my young teenage years with orange foundation, over plucked eye brows and wonky eye liner, (we've all been there), now at 18, I have learnt which products work well for me, where each one goes and how to apply makeup the 'proper' way. You might need a cup of tea and something to write with for this post as I have 6 beauty products you need to add to your makeup collection for ensured effortless and natural makeup regimes.

The 5 In One Mascara: Yes there are many mascaras out there, high end, drugstore, Loreal, Lancome, you name it, but do they have the power of the 5 in 1 results? Probably not. I have all sorts of different mascaras to give me different results, whether its curl, length or drama, but not until I discovered the Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes did I know what a decent mascara was. This is pretty much curled, dyed and false eye lash effect lashes in a bottle. Every girl needs a mascara like this in their stash.

The All In One Hairspray: We all have those days when our hair needs an extra boost of texture, lift, hold or shine whether it's because you snoozed a little too long in bed or you need to touch up in the day. If your like me then when it come to hair, I can never really be bothered to do anything with it so in the mornings I rely on my Charles Worthington Textursing Spray to bring it to life and add some volume, this stuff is like a hair style in a bottle, I simply spray it onto my roots or all over, run my hands through it and I am good to go all in about 10 seconds.

A Natural Bronzer: The perfect way to add some colour and warm up your face without having to book a flight to Greece is a cool toned, neutral bronzer. I couldn't go a day without wearing my NARS Laguna or Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer. A light dusting of this across your fore head, temples and cheeks, and you will look like you've just got back from a beach holiday. Both are matte powders which I find are the best for a really natural look as they don't leave shimmer all over your face. The perfect balance between a matte but glowing finish. Go and treat yourself ladies.

The Do It All Lip Product: Essential for days when you are in a rush, need something hydrating, long lasting and guaranteed easy on the go application. If this sounds like you then you need a lip pencil, they are the easiest type of lip product to apply and seriously do it all. The NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil provides a matte, pigmented, 8 hour lip, I couldn't live without this one.

The Perfect Brow Pencil: There isn't really any other way to put this, eye brows either make or break a face! I've had my fair share of eye brow fails over the years, over plucked, too short, over drawn, you name it, I've seen it, but after trying different products I have finally found the key to natural looking eye brows, a wax brow pencil in the right shade. Seriously, it's all good having a pencil but having one too dark is a massive no no, it will just look obviously fake and drawn in, you gotta get the right colour girl! The Kevin Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil is a recent discovery of mine, and by far the best pencil I have ever tried, my brows look neat and groomed but most of all natural. If you buy this now and your brow routine will be simplified and transformed.

An Everyday Eye Pencil:  Having left black eye liner in the past, I have been on the hunt for something to wear everyday just to open up my eyes and add something a little more than just mascara, so I did some research and saw Olivia Newman Young use MAC Coffee in a tutorial and I fell in love, this dark brown soft pencil is so easy to scribble on and smudge out to really amp up the whole big eye kinda look. Creamy, sharp, precise and blend-able, I can't miss this pencil out of my daily makeup routine now, it's an essential to subtle yet stand out makeup. I know exactly what you are all thinking about doing now, go on, click that wonderful 'BUY NOW' button.

What are your beauty essentials? *leave answers in comments below*

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