Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit - A Face Transforming Palette

The queen of eye brow makeup has not only gone and made a beautiful contour palette, she's now become queen of the contour too. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, the one thing that will give you killer cheek bones and the Kim K face. This is probably one of the most hyped about products in the beauty blogging and YouTube world and possibly one of the hardest to get hold of! If you read my High End Haul post then you will know that my Dad picked this up for me in New York so it worked out to be £25 instead of £39 which is a much more affordable price!

The sleek black case contains six powders, three to highlight and three to contour. The formula of the powders are incredibly smooth, buttery and are pigmented but not too pigmented that you end up with grubby streaks on your face! What I love the most about these formula's is how creamy the powders are, making them so easy to blend out. The powder pans are magnetic so you can move around each shade to create any order you want it to be in which I think is a really nice idea and you can now order more shades online to replace any shades you aren't happy with.

Starting with the top row we have the three highlight shades, Vanilla, Banana and Sand. All the shades in the kit are matte apart from Sand which is a slightly shimmer, non glitter powder which can be used to highlight those cheek bones, nose and cupids bow. It is quite a frosty, white highlight which is really beautiful when you want a super dramatic look or a strong highlight. Vanilla and Banana are the Kim K shades in the palette and are yellow toned matte highlighters which I use to set my under eye concealer as it really helps to brighten the area as well as keeping it all in place without creasing or looking chalky.

Now onto my favourite part of the palette, the three contour shades. The first two shades, Java and Fawn are the two cool toned shades which you would use to create a fake shadow and to really enhance your cheek bones. For everyday contour I use Fawn as it's a lovely matte brown which is perfect for a subtle contour and looks the most natural. When I first applied this, I had a real 'wow' moment, I actually looked like I had a pair of cheek bones! My face was a lot more structured and defined and lots of people commented on how much slimmer my face looked! To apply my contour shades I find using a smaller brush is the best to really get into the hollows, I use a Spectrum Angled Blush Brush. The far right bottom shade Havana, is a shade I use for an actual bronzer to warm up my entire face, it's too much of a strong, dark brown to contour with as it would just look to harsh. For this I use a big soft brush and sweep it in a 3 shape down the sides of my face, temple to jaw.

This really is the best contour palette out there, I've tried lots of different bronzers, shades and brands for contour but Anastasia has hit the nail on the head and created the best palette. If you're into contouring and it is part of your daily makeup routine then I recommend this palette to everyone, it is well worth the money!

What are your favourite products to contour with? Have you tried this palette? *leave answers in the comments below*