Luxurious Lips With Dolce & Gabbana

Meet my must luxurious beauty products of all time. Everything Dolce and Gabbana sells is beautiful, the products are all such high quality and leave with you with the most flawless, super model looking face, I would buy them all! Sadly, at the price point, I can't justify having a D&G only makeup bag so I picked out the products I loved the most, and surprise surprise, it was the lipsticks. From packaging, to colours and to formula, the Dolce and Gabbana Lipsticks are pure perfection. With 2 finishes available, Classic Cream and Shine, I have two of each in my collection.  

Now can we all just have a packaging appreciation moment? Isn't it beautiful. The sleek, gold packaging is so sophisticated and glamorous, it is a product all women should have in their makeup bags to make you feel extra special. The classic twist up bullet makes the lipsticks incredibly easy to apply and keeps the product well protected. 

Let's get down to the most important part of all, the products themselves and the four gorgeous colour sitting in my lipstick pot. The first two left swatches are from the Classic Cream collection and I have Iconic 615 a stunning bright, bold red and from the Classic Cream Monica Collection, Magnetic 120, a deep and dark purple. The formula's of the cream lipsticks are rich and creamy which ensure bold long lasting colour to the lips. They are so easy to apply, the creaminess means they glide onto the lip without dragging them and the pointed bullet allows a precise outline. My lips stay hydrated all day/evening and are never dried out or left feeling cracked after I've worn these. A must have for matte lipstick lovers! 

Moving onto the Shine lipsticks, I have two pretty, everyday pinks. The third swatch Love 136 and the final swatch being Rosebud 170. Love is a beautiful rose pink with a hint of shimmer to create a shine finish. This is a really easy shade to wear everyday and it goes with any makeup look you could think of. Rosebud is a much lighter shade of pink, almost peachy and is a lot more sheer with more shimmer. This is a lovely shade for summer as it's super natural and will just slightly enhance your lip colour. My favourite of the two finishes is definitely the Shine lipsticks, they are rich and pigmented, adding a glossy sheen to the lips, the perfect mix between a lipstick and lipgloss by giving colour but a sheer, sheeny finish. The lipsticks are so hydrating, moisturising and super light to apply. 

Dolce and Gabbana lipsticks come in such an amazing selection of shades, from pinks, to purples and to reds, bright and dark, matte and sheer, there is a shade and finish for everyone. If you're a lipstick addict like me then I would really recommend these to you! The only painful thing about these is the price, coming in at Β£29.50, they are available online at Harrods or the Dolce & Gabbana website. 

Have you tried any of the Dolce and Gabbana makeup?
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