Heavenly Highlighters

Highlighters being my favourite beauty products and glowing, dewy skin being my favourite finish, this was a post I had to do. After the cold winter months, our skin gets a little more dry and can loose it's natural glow. This is when these products come in very handy and this post becomes very useful! Highlighters come in different forms, textures, colour and amount of shimmer. So let me show you my number 1 highlighters.

The CREAM. If you're the kind of girl who prefers a more subtle and not an 'in your face' highlight, then Benefits Watt's Up is for you. The cream product blends onto your skin beautifully and naturally adds a glow where you want it. This product comes with a sponge to blend it in with but after trying different ways of applying this, I found the best is to use my finger to pick up the product and blend it into my skin with my fingers by gently pushing it on.

The LIQUID. To really amp up your glow, using a liquid highlighter is the best option. Benefit High Beam adds a beautiful pink shimmer to the high points of my face but still looks natural and not over the top. The applicator makes this extra easy to apply, just dot it on and pat pat pat with the tips of your fingers and you are ready to glow. For an evening look when I want my highlighter to stand out and say hello, this is the one I will go for! If I'm wanting to amp up the glow in my foundation then I'll mix in Benefit's Moon Beam for a more dewy base. This one also works really nicely under foundation or on top! I've just found out that Moon Beam has actually been discontinued now but a Benefit alternative to this is the Girl Meets Pearl highlighter as that too is great for mixing or underneath/on top.

What are your favourite highlighters?
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