Lipstick Queen China Town Pencils

Having only just found out that the Lipstick Queen Chinatown Glossy pencils were the original of the glossy lip pencils before the other brands jumped on the bandwagon, I thought they deserved their very own post. My mum and sister have had this jumbo pencil for a while now and was always envious of how they looked on the lips, I just never got around to buying my own (mainly because I could never choose from the colour selection!) I actually received the Three to Thrill Chinatown Glossy trio for christmas and instantly fell in love with the sheer formulas. 

The chubby style lip pencils are conveniently a mix of a lipstick, lip pencil and gloss all in on. The three shades which come in the set are Catalina, a muted rosey mauve, Pink Bluff, a nude pink and Chase, reddish pink. Each of the pencils are all really wearable, subtle shades. The pencils are a twist up style, so no need to sharpen which I personally much prefer! The finish of these is definitely not glossy, nor is it matte and the sheer coverage leaves a little transparency. They have a subtle sheen to them and the lipstick aspect ensures a beautiful satin finish. The pencils aren't amazing in terms of lasting power, probably lasting up to 4 hours before needing to top up, but because they are so easy to apply, I don't find this an issue. The nib definitely ensures precision but I wouldn't use it as a lip liner as it isn't sharp or small enough to carefully outline my lips!

All the pencils are super duper moisturising, keeping my lips comfortably hydrated. If you're looking for an easy lip pencil to wear that doesn't have a matte finish then these are a really good option. The set is no longer available as it was an exclusive set before christmas, but you can get the pencils individually for ยฃ22 here. I already have my eyes on Cameo!

Have you tried the Lipstick Queen Pencils? Which are your favourite shades?
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