Clarins Instant Concealer

Finding a concealer that does everything and I mean it when I say everything is very rare and to dedicate a post to one must mean this is a pretty magical little tube. Of course there's my trusty Maybelline Instant Age Rewind and Benefit Erase Paste which I am always talking about, but they just aren't as special as the one I am talking about today and it may have earned the name of the best concealer I have ever tried...

Clarins Instant Concealer. It brightens those nasty bags, hides blemishes, conceals any redness and dark circles are suddenly no where to be seen. Not too cakey and thick but not thin, this is the perfect coverage and consistency and it is a total dream to apply. The concealer doesn't crease under my eyes, it lasts all day and there is certainly no need to top this up! It blends into the skin with ease and is so soft and natural looking on the skin, there is no chance of this drying, sticking or making blemishes stand out on your skin, it blurs everything into one. As you all know I am one for a dewy base and this just does that, even though the coverage is amazing, it doesn't mattify my face at all. A little goes a very long way with this so the 15ml tube will last you such a long time, it makes the Β£21 totally worth it as you won't need to head back for more any time soon! One last thing you tell you is that this has made it into my top 5 product list and it is one I will always be repurchasing.

Have you tried this bottle of perfection?
alec vanderboom6 Comments