Why You Should Use A Face Oil & My Top Picks

In the past year or two, facial oils have come out of nowhere and are the newest thing to have in your skincare stash. Whilst they aren't the most obvious thing you would want to go slapping on your face, they are actually one of the best products you could apply, even if you're oily skinned. Why? Packed full of natural, organic and pure ingredients, face oils are the ideal companion for any skin type, whether you've got a dry and dull complexion or have oily skin, the highlight concentrated oils will target the problematic area and bring your skin back to normal. Oils are lipophilic and therefore absorb straight into the skin, and keep your skin hydrated all day, unlike your regular moisturiser that doesn't penetrate as deeply into the skin, meaning hydration levels drop throughout the day, resulting in a dehydrated complexion. There is no reason to fear the face oils, with anti ageing properties and skin benefiting powers, oils are the way to go. The beauty of a face oil is that once absorbed, they don't leave a greasy film on the skin and simply boost skins radiance, creating a natural, healthy glow that is maintained underneath foundation, resulting in your entire look, looking that little extra dewy but in no way shiny. One way to look at face oils is as an extra step of hydration, as the antioxidants nourish skin, skin appears plumper and feels smoother. As well as having a number of benefits for dry skin, oils target blemish, reduce redness/scarring and prevent future break outs, they are a miracle worker and fix many a skin problems. The hardest part of using a face oil, is making sure you've chosen the right one, with so many options out there, it can be hard to choose. Do you choose Rosehip, Joboba, Coconut, Avocado, Argan? Or even... Blue Orchid? Here's what I think... 


Rich in Trans Retinoid Acid, Pai's Rosehip oil is the oil on the market with the highest concentration of Rosehip oil, making it a luxe and effective product that beats other pure rose oils. As it's packed full of concentrated fruit hip oil, this is particularly regenerative and performs well on the skin with noticeable differences in a short period of time. Pai has created the ultimate multi tasker with an oil that hydrates, nourishes, treats and improves skins overall appearance. Studies have proven that Rosehip reduces stretch marks, fine line and pigmentation, making this oil an ultimate skin treat and something that can be dabbed directly onto certain parts of ones body, not just the face. Having been made appropriate for all skin types - I'm talking mature, dry, oily, combination, acne prone, this is an incredibly versatile product that proves oils can be used for all skin types and what ever the issue, Pai can fix it. I simply distribute about 3 drops into the palm of my hands, rub them together to warm the oil up and press into the skin. Job done. Whether your directly applying this to your skin post cleanse, pre moisture or mixing a few drops into your regular moisturiser, you are guaranteed new skin that beams with radiance. 


Specifically made to rejuvenate tired, stressed and damaged skin, Antipodes Divine oil is a must have product for tackling anti ageing. As the oil itself is rich in antioxidants, skin is improved almost instantly. Avocado oil is incredibly beneficial to skin, in particular, the antioxidants it contains make it ideal for healing sun damaged skin and protecting aged or dry skin types. Avocado oil is not only made to help mature skin, it also helps moisturise and soothe irritated skin, creating a soft and supple complexion. Rich in Rosehip oil, Antipodes have insured skin is nourished, hydrated, rejuvenated and glowing. With a number of benefits, oils containing Rosehip oil is a must have in ones bathroom, the scent makes this oil divine and the oil itself is light yet intense and plummets into the skins barrier, sinking in like a dream and healing skin as you go. Not only has Antipodes created this luxury product, all products are 100% natural so you know whats going on and into your skin, is utter goodness. 


Get beautiful, soft and replenished skin with this intense rose over night oil from Una Brennan. Formulated with Avocado, Carrot oil and hydrating Raspberry oil, the light consistency targets tired/dull skin and injects a dose of omega 3 & 6 into your skin, recharging complexions, increase cell regeneration and leaving skin feeling softer and appearing more radiant. Not only does this contain these beautiful oils, it's rich in Calendula oil which is suitable for sensitive skin and leaves skin soft and recharged. With double the oils which fight dehydration, this is a must have product for rapid results and is perfect suited for sensitive / dry skin. Not only can you use this as an over night oil, you can use it as a pre cleanse to really break down your makeup. 

What are your favourite facial oil?