The Skincare Products That Transformed My Skin

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With the harsh weather changes, heating and generally everything that comes with Winter, my skin always takes a battering in the first few transitional months. Blemishes arise, my glow isn’t as strong as usual and the texture just generally feels a bit off. As you all know, a new season calls for a new wardrobe but a new skincare routine is just as important. I tend to ditch the light and gel-like formulas for much thicker, creamy and more heavy duty products that hydrate, nourish, protect and treat. Amongst all the new products I’m trying, these following 7 are the absolute stand outs…


Neal’s Yard Rehydrating Rose Toner*

After my skin started playing up and I struggled to go a week without blemishes across my jaw line, I introduced a super gentle toner, post cleanse. I simply apply some to a cotton wool pad and swipe over my skin to remove any last traces of makeup or dirt and this rehydrating Rose water from organic beauty brand Neal’s Yard perfectly balances, cools and hydrates my skin, prepping it for my skincare products going on top.

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Brightening Treatment Water*

The first step in my routine that really targets a skin concern is using this incredibly brightening essence/treatment water from Kiehl’s’ Clearly Corrective range which I pour into my hands and press lightly into the skin. I love my skin to look blemish-free, radiant and healthy everyday of the week and by using this treatment daily, I’ve started to achieve just that. Formulated with Licorice extract, Activated C, White Birch, Peony extract, and infused with pearl, this divine water helps to refresh the look of dull skin, promoting a more radiant complexion whilst soothing, hydrating and reinforcing skins barrier. This is the perfect treatment product for those suffering with pigmentation or dullness without being too harsh on the skin.

The Skincare Products That Transformed My Skin

Oskia Renaissance Mask*

To give my skin a ‘peachy’ and plump glow, I use this buttery and luxurious Papaya and Passion Fruit enzyme mask once a week. The natural fruit acids loosen the bonds in the upper epidermis to slough away at dead skin cells, lactic acid stimulates cell renewal and the prebiotics fight off bacteria, all to reveal a luminous, blemish and redness free complexion. Using a fruit enzyme mask like this is not only a super gentle way to exfoliate the skin, it’s one of the best ways to keep skin looking super healthy and free of congestion and allows me to go tinted moisturiser free as my complexion is happily glowing and smooth.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate*

Oils and elixirs are one of my favourite skincare products and a product that my skin simply loves and this lightweight essential oil concentrate from Kiehl’s has brought my skin back to it’s normal, balanced, calm and luminous self over the past few weeks. I’ve been using a few drops in the morning and evening underneath my moisturiser and my skin remains glowy, smooth and awake looking all day.

The Skincare Products That Transformed My Skin - Amour Ophelia

Avéne Cold Cream

The moment my skin feels temperamental whether it’s through blemishes, dryness or the texture feels off then I instantly bring back this cold cream into my routine. It’s the one skincare product that just works so well on my skin and the one product I couldn’t be without. The rich, natural ingredients help to soothe and immediately relieve the skin of any discomfort or irritation and after a few uses, my skin is back to normal. If there’s a moisturiser out there that everyone needs a back up of on their bathroom shelf, it’s this.

Ole Henriksen Glow Cycle Retin-ALT Power Serum*

An AHA powered serum with a natural alternative to retinol, Bakuchiol that fights all signs of ageing, brightens dark spots, firms and boosts luminosity. The silky lavender coloured formula glides over the skin so smoothly, adding an instant hit of glow which is one of my favourite things abut this product. Ole have added Edelweiss stem call which is an incredible delicate flower that survives in harsh conditions so it’s main added benefit to this serum is the protection it provided.

Jurlique Advanced Herbal Recovery Eye Cream*

The last step in my morning and evening routine is eye cream and this is another product I find hard to get right and stick to one that I really notice a difference with. With a newly designed and formulated ingredients list, this lightweight yet rich in Rose and Red Clover eye cream from Jurlique has been keeping dark circles obey and maintaining a healthy looking eye area that glistens in the light and stays hydrated.

The Skincare Products That Transformed My Skin
The Skincare Products That Transformed My Skin - Amour Ophelia

Love, Jasmine x

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