Sunday Beauty Serial #5


Origins Modern Friction Cleanser Stick*: A new cleanser in stick form and from one of my favourite skincare brands? This week just got better. It's innovation, modern beauty, ease, excitement and results in one handy twist up style stick that promises to cleanse, gently exfoliate, boost radiance and get rid of dirt, debris and all over nastiness. Origins have done it again, another of their product that has gone straight into my favourites category. Formulated with purple and white rice, skin is guaranteed to be left feeling softer and looking more luminous. Simply apply the stick straight on dry skin, add water, massage in with fingers to and enjoy the rich, thick and creamy cleanse experience. In stick form, it's travel friendly and easy to carry around; no mess and no 100ml limits to worry about. My holiday cleanser choice just became a whole lot easier! 

This Works Energy Bank Sun Flash Balm: Summer in the UK consists of rain, wind and more rain and with still another 10 days to go until I can enjoy sunshine and sea for 6 weeks, I'm using anything tan boosting, glow enhancing and bronze in colour to add some colour into my face. The Clarins Radiance Drops had a gradual tint of colour to my face when mixed in with my moisturiser but this Natural Oil, Multi-Vitamin, Caramel and Hyaluronic Acid based pot of sunshine from This Works gives me an instant sun-kissed look, driving a natural looking glow. Smoothed into my skin each morning, it's perfect for when you're lacking sun in your life and desperately need something to make you look alive. 

Kat Burki Complete B Vital Hydration Face Mask: Beach holiday skin prep is well under the way for me, exfoliants, peels, renewal masks and most importantly, hydration where I have been reaching for this highly effective face mask from Kat Burki, the queen of the skincare world. Formulated for dry and dehydrated skin types, it's been rejuvenating my skin, enhancing my skins vitality and rebuilding to ensure my skin remains hydrated, radiant and youthful looking. It's given me all the moisture, life and juicy-ness I want in my skin. Well worth the price tag.