Sunday Beauty Serial #4

Bioderma Cleansing Wash* 

Elemental Herbology has very much taken the role of my evening cleanser in my current routine but for a morning wake me up, I’ve been testing a few different face washes and Bioderma Sensibo, has been a stand out product due to the water based ingredient list and the results it’s given me. Like any other, I’m a huge fan of the Bioderma Micellar Water but the cleansing category is new to me so when this gentle wash landed on my desk, I was excited to give it a go and it’s now earned a home by my bathroom sink for an easy morning skin refresh. The Sensibo range is for sensitive, irritated and intolerant skin so straight away, I knew that it wouldn’t cause any reactions, dry out my skin or effect it any way other than adding hydration, moisture and giving it a good clean. The super mild, gentle and very slightly foaming gel fights away any irritants that over time will worsen the skins condition and simply gives me a clean canvas to work with pre skincare. 

Antipodes Avocado Pear Night Cream*

For extra hydration, repair and nourishment, I've added a night cream into my evening skin routine. Normally, I slap on a few drops of face oil (currently, Zelens Power D Drops) but in the run up to my holiday, I'm giving my skin all the moisture it can get with masks and heavy duty creams. Antipodes is one of my favourite skincare brands, I particularly love their serums and rave about their Manuka Honey Mask all.the.time. so I shopped my skincare stash and picked out their night cream. Formulated with 100% Avocado Pear Oil, it's full of all kinds of goodness, packed with Vitamins E, A, B1, B2, C and D and also features Calendula which is a great skin healer and Manuka Honey to soothe, moisten and uplift the skin. Having been using this for just a week, I can already notice a huge difference in my skins dryness and have been waking up to luminous and plump looking skin each day. 

Benefit Watt's Up Cream Highlighter

As you know, things get all very creamy, dewy, glowy and usually come in the form of a stick when it comes to my Summer beauty bag and I'm back using an old favourite to add a luminous sheen across my cheeks. Watt's Up has been knocking around my makeup bag for quite some time now as it's one I go back to, over and over again for it's easy applicator, soft champagne golden shade and pop of glow it adds to my complexion. 

Essie Saturday Disco Fever (Similar Shade)

Summer manicures and pedicures for me are all about pops of orange, red and corals as they brighten a simple outfit, bring plain sandals to life, make tanned limbs pop and shout holiday, sun, beach and more sun. Saturday Disco Fever is a vibrant, deep, redish orange polish and the only shade that's made it's way onto my nails for the past couple of weeks, it's easy to apply with a brush that fits the nail perfectly, dries in about 1 minute and looks even better with a gel top coat.

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