Sunday Beauty Serial #2


It's that time again, the time where I talk to you about my favourite beauty products of the week. It's been a skincare heavy week for me as I prep my skin as best I can for an upcoming month in the sun. If you read my Morning Skincare Routine post, you would have seen that I'm using products containing Vitamin C, coffee beans and Ginseng as these are vital ingredients to brighten the skin and boost radiance. This week I've been testing some new skincare products that promise a glow and all 3 have earned themselves a spot in my "Sunday Beauty Serial #2"

As an existing fan of the Pai brand, I was hugely excited to be trying a new product from the skincare line, the Pai Rosehip BioGenerate Rapid Radiance MaskI've been using the Rosehip Oil for just about two years now and it's still the most effective oil I've used in terms of giving my skin results so when the mask made it's way into my hands, I had high expectations. The mask is suitable for dry, oily, combination and even the most sensitive of skin types due to it's two key natural ingredients. The Rosehip CO2 Extract is highly concentrated of Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9, making it incredibly soothing and healing and the Strawberry Leaf aids in illumination and refines skin texture. I apply a thick layer of the mask whenever my skin is beginning to look dull and is in need of nourishment, hydration and instant radiance. 

When looking for a cleanser, as-well as a formula that is going to break down my makeup and leave my skin feeling ultra clean, I look for ingredients that are going to improve my skins texture and radiance so with an ingredients list of Papaya, Manuka Honey and Vitamin C, I picked up the Elemental Herbology Vital Cleanse. Promising to stimulate cell turnover, improve skins texture and boost skins vitality and radiance, it's the perfect addition to my evening routine. After a week of using this, I've noticed a transformation in my skins texture and appearance, and my healthy glow is back. 

To make my skin "pop" in the mornings, I've been slapping on the Origins SPF15 Energy Boosting Sheer Tint VitaZing*With SPF, a tint of colour and an active ingredient of Mangosteen, this hydrating moisture booster has been giving my skin a healthy dose of radiance, a glow as though I've been in the sun and the right amount of coverage to make me look awake and ready. It's been my go to product this week for easy morning beauty.