Pre Holiday Beauty Prep

Pre holiday pampering from skin, to hair, body, nails and feet is an essential part of my routine before going away and with a trip to Portugal coming up, I've been giving myself the ultimate pre-holiday pamper to ensure my skin is fully prepped for the sun. I always begin the holiday pamper about a week before I go away, to give myself time to ensure all fake tan is scrubbed off, my skin is as hydrated and supple as it can be and my hair is ready for some sunshine and I have been loving using these five products to get my body holiday ready. 


The key to getting the best tan you can, is exfoliating before you go away so all dead skin cells have been removed and your skin is new, fresh and ready to tan. I've been using the Decorus Coffee and Orange Peel Body Scrub* in the run up to my holiday to buff away at any bumps, remove any last traces of fake tan, smooth out my skin texture and to overall reveal glowing, soft skin. The scrub is perfect for in shower use as you simply scoop out some grain, rub it in all over and I then leave it on whilst I shampoo or condition my hair. The caffeine from the coffee is the perfect way to stimulate the blood flow and the scent is perfect for the mornings to really wake you up. The Sweet Almond Oil and Orange Oil make this scrub incredibly hydrating so despite a really good exfoliation, my skin is never left feeling dry or looking dull, it's always soft, supple and glowing. 

One of the most important steps in my skincare routine is moisturising and ensuring I am getting enough moisture into my skin each day. However, when there is a holiday in sight, I'll use a richer and more nourishing body lotion to keep my skin hydrated and nourished. I've been using and absolutely loving the Bakel HydraBody which is a very thick, intense anti ageing body treatment that's been formulated with aloe vera, natural oils and natural butters, to create the most soothing body cream. I've been applying this twice a day, in the mornings and evenings, massaging it into the skin to allow it to fully sink in. 


The best way to give your skin that pre holiday pamper is with a face mask and as I'll be going makeup free on holiday, I've been using the new Origins GinZing Peel Off Mask* which refines and refreshes the skins surface. Fortified with coffee, this is the perfect wake me up mask that picks up the skin, leaving me with a clear, glowing and radiant base. For a much grittier, more scrub like coffee mask, I've been using the Lush Cup O' Coffee Face & Body Mask which not only smells incredible, but leaves your skin feeling extra soft, firm and plump looking. 


I love to give my hair some extra love and care before stepping into the sun for a couple of weeks as that's when it will get the most damaged. Of course, when in the sun I slather on hair protection but there are some extra steps I've been taking to prepare it as best I can. Starting with a bit of a detox/shine booster, I've been using a pre shampoo treatment from Phyto, the Subtil Elixir Oil which is an ultra nourishing hair treatment that you massage into damp hair, leave for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water. I've do this about once a week and it's just the perfect product to give you a healthy head of hair and to add in some extra shine. For a deep condition and some intense moisture, the Sachajuan Hair Repair* has been my hair saviour; the ultimate product for damaged or dry hair. The rich cream helps to restore shine as the unique combination of proteins and minerals penetrate the follicle, working on healing split ends and to banish any frizz. 

What steps are in your pre holiday beauty routine?