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After holding such a true love for the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and Haloscopes, it was time to expand my collection so last week I put it in a mini order. As a lip balm addict the one product I was desperate to try was the Balm Dotcom. I've seen such glowing reviews everywhere and anyone I see who has it, sings such high praises. The next product I was after was the Stretch Concealer, another pick that I've seen many of my favourite bloggers talk about so I knew it would be an instant hit with my skin and in my makeup bag. I've been on the market for a new concealer for a while now but wanted to wait and do my research to ensure I picked up the right one and after putting this to the test, it hasn't let me down. I love how Glossier give the option to choose a sample at checkout and I chose the YOU perfume; something I've had my eyes on but wanted to try before I buy and despite reading mixed reviews on this, I was wow'ed after the first spritz. 


One of the main things that excites me so much about Glossier is the branding - modern and minimal colours and designs that look wonderful on a shelfie and in a makeup bag. Each product takes it's own twist on the Glossier style whether it's the squeezey tubes or the sleek white and black look, each product has that soft Glossier Pink shade somewhere. If you've been following along with my blog and follow me on Instagram then you'll know how much of a 'minimal makeup' and glossy skin girl I am, it really is my style and a huge part of me which is why I resonate with Glossier products so much. The Glossier story is all about 'skin is in', 'skin first, makeup second' (a phrase I love) and each product is all about being simple but effective and delivering radiant results. 






The Stretch Concealer is a product for girls that love a bright, dewy finish and minimal coverage. Coming in pot form, Glossier have created a concealer with nourishing oils to deliver dewy, glowing results and a buildable coverage that will never cake, dry or stick to the skin beneath. Its incredibly creamy formula perfectly hides dark circles and brightens the eye area whilst also doing a great job at ensuring small blemishes and any signs of redness are concealed. As I use light bases, usually a tinted moisturiser, I like to use concealer to touch up any areas that need a little more coverage, usually the under eye area and around my nose and Glossier Stretch Concealer has been doing that and even more. Blended in with my fingers the product melts into the skin for a seamless, 'your skin but better' finish that keeps my skin looking healthy all day. 


One thing to note is that this product only comes in 5 shades; Light, Medium, Dark, Deep and Rich (I have medium) but I do believe that each can be blended well into a range of skin tones so they tick the boxes in that it's a product that can be widely used.







There's something so personal and unique about scents and they are something I love spritzing on in the mornings to boost my mood. The scents I wear and am always drawn towards are usually on the more masculine side and are most often woody, musky and sometimes spicy so my initial thoughts before reading about the YOU Eau de Perfum were that it would be too sweet and girly for me. Oh how wrong I was. Think Pink Pepper meets Iris Wood and you've got it; a warm comforting musk that gives off a long-lasting scent of spices and earthy notes. What makes this perfume unique and sets it aside from others is that it smells different on each person (hence the name, YOU), acting very similarly to the Escentric Molecule perfumes so if you've tried and like those then you are pretty much guaranteed to like this. I personally love them and love this just as much. It's just beautiful and the perfect feminine alternative to the more masculine heavy woody scents I reach for. Once the sample has ran out of this I will definitely be picking up a full size that again, encapsulates the Glossier pink into the bottle with a sexy red. 



Lip balms are probably one of my favourite and most used beauty products. I'm constantly applying and use them as a base for any lip product going on top to ensure long-lasting comfort and moisture. I love most types of lip products; pots, sticks and tubes in most formulas but the ones I find the most hydrating and become more and more obsessed with applying each time are thick balms, making the Coconut Balm Dotcom my new perfect lip pairing. Balm Dotcom comes in so many different flavours including an original un-scented, rose, mint, birthday cake, coconut and cherry. It was a tie up between Mint and Coconut for me but as Spring and Summer are on the horizon, I picked up Coconut to remind me of beach days and that heavenly suncream and Estée Lauder bronze Goddess scent which really is Summer in a bottle. 


Balm Dotcom comes in a 15ml squeezey tube and is £10 which I think is a reasonable price. I adore the pink and peach packaging of this, it shouts Summer holidays and the scent is certainly there but not too overpowering that it ends up tasting weird after a while on the lips. The texture is thick but not stiff (although I can imagine in the Winter it would stiffen up) and it melts into the lips upon application. I smear it all over as soon as I've done my skincare in the morning and my lips remain hydrated for a good amount of time however I always re-apply whenever I can no longer feel the product on my lips; usually after eating or drinking. I said I was a lip balm addict! 


The ingredients definitely pack a punch, I'm talking oils, beeswax and fruit extracts to ensure optimum moisture and protection however it does contain Petrolatum which I actually was unaware of when I bought this and would normally avoid, however despite that ingredient, it definitely keeps my lips hydrated. I will report back when it's been in use for a month or two. 



Other things to note about Glossier products is that they are hypoallergenic so suitable for all skin types including those sensitive faces out there and are paraben, silicone and cruelty free. I'm definitely a Glossier fangirl; obsessed with the brand, products, Instagram imagery, Emily Weiss and Into The Gloss; my go to website for all things beauty, skin, hair and body. Next on my list to try is some more skincare, I'm eyeing up the Super Bounce Serum and Moisturising Moon Mask however there is defiintely space in my cream blush heart for the Cloud Paints. 


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What are your favourite Glossier products?