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jasminehardingmakeup - hydrating skincare

Hydration, radiance and glow; three of my favourite things to hear regarding skincare and see on packaging. As a skincare fanatic, there are so many products I love amongst the oils, creams, cleansers, masks, serums. When it comes down to it, most lie under the category for dry/dehydrated skin and are products especially designed to soothe, correct skins texture, add radiance, put the hydration and moisture back in and most often will contain Hyaluronic Acid. Starting many of a skincare series and upcoming edits, I've picked out my top serums and creams in the hydrating category and have rounded up the finalists...

jasminehardingmakeup - hydrating skincare


Designed to target specific skin concerns, containing higher concentrations and lighter in texture than face creams, serums are the products in your routine that will make all the difference. As my ultimate skin problem is dryness and dehydration, I use serums to add in an intense shot of hydration and glow to my skin with Hyaluronic Acid being my favourite ingredient to look out for due to its immense hydrating properties alongside Rosehip which helps with water retention and moisture loss. 

1. SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier Hyaluronic Acid Serum*

This is a new favourite product of mine that I've been using every morning and evening from the day it arrived. A Hyaluronic Acid, Purple Rice and Licorice Root, this purple coloured liquid serum is correcting, plumping, firming and works at delivering hydration to the skins surface and aids in supporting skins existing Hyaluronic Acid levels. It's a genius product, incredibly light, easy to use and really effective. My skins texture is a lot smoother, brighter overall and looks a lot healthier. 

2. Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Serum* 

Another amazing serum that is very hydrating from an ingredients list that is packed with moisturising and soothing rose water, angelica leaf extract, cucumber extract and Hyaluronic Acid. This Rose serum isa again, really light in texture and is more of a gel consistency that instantly relieves skin of all stress upon application with it's Cucumber cooling effect whilst helping to retain moisture and deliver hours of hydration to boost skins health and glow. 

(Special added mention here for the Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Serum* which is another Hyaluronic Acid serum favourite) - hydrating skincare - hydrating skincare


A key step and product in ones skincare routine for adding in a little bit of luxury, nourishment and comfort. Face creams, the rich or the light are a great way and step in your routine to make your skin feel really pampered. I always opt for a cream in the mornings as with the right one, they provide some seriously good hydration and also make a perfect makeup base and in the evenings, I'll go for something a littler richer over my favourite face oil to let my skin fix up overnight. Here's the current top five that have been giving me all the hydration, glow and protection lately...

3. Glossier Priming Moisturiser

Again, another form of adding Hyaluronic Acid into my routine and skin, this time through a light, easy and fuss-free moisturiser. Along-side the Hyaluronic Acid, Glossier have added Mushroom Super Hydrator to deeply hydrate and plump, a mix of green tea and honey to soothe and visible reduce redness, Vitamins A, C and E for a powerful anti-oxidant blend that protects against external damage and an Oxygenating Agent to improve skins texture. All aid in the creation of this super light, grease-free, glow giving and moisture boosting cream that perfectly preps skin for the day.  I tend to add this in as an extra step post full skincare routine and pre makeup, almost as a primer to give an added layer of glow and moisture. 

4. Avène Hydrance Emulsion*

Another lighter cream option, this time from one of my favourite skincare brands; Avène. The givers of simple skincare that makes skin look good. The Hydrance emulsion is another light-weight option that would be perfect for hot Summer days when a thick, rich cream isn't an option. Aimed to target moisture loss and dryness, although it's got a light texture, it's incredible hydrating and instantly relieves my skin of any tightness and discomfort. Likewise to the Fresh serum, it feels slightly cooling upon application and really helps create a smooth, hydrated base and provides a healthy looking glow. 

5. Avène Cold Cream*

Moving onto the thicker, more heavy duty creams and starting with another favourite from French brand Avène, this cold cream has been all I'm using on my skin this week. With a switch in the weather, my skins thrown a tantrum and has been feeling a little more dry and dehydrated than usual but since applying this each morning and evening, I'm saying goodbye to dry. The formula of this is so rich and thick but once applied onto the skin, it rubs in really easily and makes skin looks super fresh and alive. Avène have added in Beeswax to make this even more nourishing and being specifically formulated for sensitive skin, its a cream for everyone. - hydrating skincare

6. Darphin HYDRASKIN RICH Cream*

Again, one of my favourite brands and products for some serious hydration. For me, Darphin are one of the best, I love their elixirs, masks and cleansing balm for relieving skins stress and really helping to improve my skins glow but for hydration, there is no better than the Hydraskin Rich cream. Coming in this beautiful pot, it's a luxurious cream that provides 24 hour hydration, relieves any form of tight, parched feeling on the skin and replenishes all moisture loss due to the added Shea and Mango butters and Hydra-Structure Technology that renews skins resilience and offers radiance and moisture. 

7. OM Mindful Traveller* (Daily Radiance Moisturiser

Two products to discuss here in the hydration department and both OM Skincare wonders. This sleek, convenient, double bottle Mindful Traveller is a truly unique concept from the brand that allows you to take your daily essentials with you, wherever you go with ease. The Daily Radiance Moisturiser is my favourite in this duo; a lightweight option that is packed with amazing ingredients to boost skins glow, improve skins tone and texture and restore all moisture loss. Again, this is suitable for all skin types as it contains an array of amazing skin benefiting ingredients that cool, hydrate, fight pigmentation and stimulate collagen production. A daily, on the go or morning and evening hero! 

jasminehardingmakeup - hydrating skincare

So there we have plenty of Hyaluronic Acid, Rosewater and other immense active ingredients that all aid in moisture loss, hydration and radiance, each with their own added luxuries. 

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Love, Jasmine x