The Multi-Tasking Beauty Products

Beauty products that are creamy, balmy and multi-tasking are my absolute favourite. Adding products into your routine that double as a blush and lipstick, highlighter and primer, bronzer and eye shadow or a foundation and concealer makes morning makeup that little bit quicker. Day to day makeup for me remains pretty minimum and I generally use cream products for everything base wise as they work well with my skin type, blend together seamlessly creating a more natural, radiant makeup look and most have multiple uses. 

Multi-tasking beauty products

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer

This is that one beauty product we all have that we don't use often but when we do, you are instantly reminded of what a fantastic product it is. Branded a 'sensual skin enhancer', this product does just that. Its all you need in your makeup bag for a flawless and radiant complexion that makes skin look airbrushed but natural. From a first glance, you may wonder how this product could possibly be a multi-tasker, so let me tell you why. 

As foundation:  I put a tiny amount onto the back of my hand and mix in a few drops of current face oil. The thick cream is so immensely pigmented, a little goes a long way with this and hardly any is needed to cover the face. Once blended together, I dab this on my forehead, cheeks and chin and blend out with a damp beauty blender. The finish of this is just beautiful; comfortable and long-wearing that makes skin look like satin. 

As concealer: The reason I love to use this as a concealer is that it can be used to cover blemishes (whatever size or stage) and hide dark circles in an instant. Supposedly, you are supposed to use two different concealers for under the eye but due to the sheer versatility of this, you can tailor it to any concern and any area of the face. For blemishes, I take a small amount on my fingers or a pointed brush and lightly tap this onto the skin. For my seriously dark circles, I take some on my finger and really press it under the eye, letting the warmth of my fingers melt it in the skin for a seamless, non-cakey finish. 

Glowing makeup routine
Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enhancer

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream* 

This is a bit of a beauty hero product, whatever the use. A thick balm with unlimited healing, soothing and highlighting properties in a sleek tube with a pretty pink lid. Sounds ideal, right? Its a true cult classic in the beauty world and has been saving lips and dryness for over 70 years. 

As lip balm: My favourite way to use this incredible product is as a lip balm, the most obvious and most effective. Its thick, rich texture and formula soothes sore patches, relieves dryness, heals and protects chapped lips. I slather a good layer of this on in the morning so prepare my lips and re-apply as needed throughout the day. As night, it almost works as an overnight mask, I put on a thick layer and leave it to sink in, work its magic and in the morning my lips still feel soft, smooth and comfortable. 

As highlighter: There's nothing I love more in a makeup look than a dewy, natural looking highlight and something balmy like this, ticks all the boxes for creating glossy cheeks and eye-lids. At the end of a makeup look, I like to dab a small amount onto the tops f my cheekbones and all over the eye-lid/brow bone and it makes the skin glisten. A beautiful finishing touch in any makeup look, especially in the golden days of Summer.


BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighters

This really is one of those 'your skin but better products' and for any glow girls out there, its a must have in your collection for enviable, radiant skin. 

As primer: As you all know, I'm an avid lover of a glowy base and it's pretty much all I opt for when creating a base or buying a new one. To add extra glow into my everyday base, I'll either mix a pump of this into my foundation/tinted moisturiser for a lit from within and inner glow finish or apply underneath as a primer and press into the skin for a more intense luminescent base. Opal is my go to shade, a golden peach shade that boosts lustrous and healthy skin. 

As highlighter: For an intense 'spotlight' highlight that still appears natural, I dab a small amount of this onto my cheek bones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow and brow bones post foundation and concealer. As this is such a lightweight product, the finish is incredibly sheer and it simply enhances your glow from your base that little bit more. 

Radiant beauty products
BECCA shimmering skin perfector

NARS Multiple Sticks

One of my favourite forms of multi-tasking products is the trusty cream stick product and NARS Multiples have been in my beauty collection for as long as I can remember. Orgasm was one of my first and still remains a favourite but since, I've added in bronze sticks and deeper pinks. The versatility of these is never ending, offering fabulously glowing and tinted cheeks, lips and eyes that keeps you looking healthy all day. 

As blush: With an ultra buttery cream texture, these twist up style colour sticks make blush easy. Blend-able with a seamless application and an illuminating finish, Orgasm is my go-to shade for champagne pink cheeks and SouthBeach as a bronzer for a golden tint across my cheeks and temples. Quick application, perfect for on the go, travel friendly and available in a matte or illuminating finish, these are essential sticks that make applying makeup, easy and enjoyable. 

As an eye tint: Day to day eye makeup for me has to be fuss free, speedy and easy to apply which is why I love doubling up my blushes or bronzers as eye shadows. SouthBeach adds a lovely golden shimmer all over the lids and Orgasm is perfect for when I want to brighten my eyes as the peachy tint makes everything look super fresh, its the perfect shade for Spring/Summer makeup looks. 

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So there's a few of the makeup products I love to use for different steps in my beauty routine. They help keep things quick, easy and of course, boost radiance all over.


What multi-tasking products do you use in your routine?