My Makeup Storage

With a makeup collection that I am constantly adding to, it was really important that I found a way of storing things that meant I rotated my products regularly and made use of each product. My current makeup storage is pretty straight forward, Muji Acrylic Drawers. They make storing your makeup incredibly easy with their stackable shape and clear drawers, enabling you to see exactly what is in each drawer. The way I like to work with my makeup collection is by having my everyday picks and favourite/most used products on top of my chest of drawers, in these Muji drawers and all other products are put away by product in a tall four drawer stand; this way, I can easily switch up my products each week. 

At the moment, I've got two Muji drawers on display, one two drawer and one five drawer, both sit side by side but can also stack. Each drawer is separated by product category, the first one (image on the right) being bases. This is where I keep any concealers, foundations, tinted moisturisers of choice and will switch this up dependant on my current skin situation and the season. I currently have many concealer favourites which I'm using to conceal my dark circles and any blemishes, Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder being a great all over the face concealer whilst It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye* is incredible for covering dark circles and redness. On top of my drawers is where I keep my most reached for bases which right now, is Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue*, Charlotte Tilbury Light wonder and By Terry Light Expert. 

Second drawer down and we have moved onto blusher, bronzer and highlighter, a bit of a mixed drawer and probably the one that is moved around the most as I change my blush pretty much every day. I'm currently using Kevyn Aucoin Tansoleil as it's a beautiful cream peach blush that adds a healthy glow to the cheeks but other favourites include Clinique Flower Pop Blush, NARS Deep Throat and Hourglass Dim Infusion. Highlighter wise, I've a few on the go from Benefit, Perricone MD and Kevyn Aucoin and bronzer, I'm using Rodial Bronzer Powder in 02* as it's perfect for summer and boosting a sun kissed complexion. 


My lip drawer has everything from matte lip pencils to lip balms, glosses and liners. Every lip product I love, is in this drawer. Starting with the liners, I love MAC, Charlotte Tilbury and Rodial and for lip pencils, NARS are my all time favourite. Bahama is a beautiful dark nude with an intense matte finish and Marjella is a deep red with a satin look and moisturising feel. Glosses include By Terry and Clarins and my lipsticks vary from NARS to Lipstick Queen. My favourite and most special lipsticks I keep on top of my two drawer storage and these include YSL, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. 



My eye makeup drawer is filled with mascaras, liners, brow pencils, brow gels and eye shadow sticks, this is one of my favourite drawers to mix around as I love to try different shadows and mascaras, depending on what makeup look I am going for. Some mascaras I'm currently using are It Cosmetics*, Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes, Marc Jacobs and Urban Decay, all perfect for an everyday eye. My favourite shadow sticks for a long lasting, quick and easy eye are Rosie for Autograph, Chanel in the shade Karoube and NARS. 

Lastly, the bottom drawer is made up of   MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Benefit, Chanel and NARS single eye shadows, some more blushes/multiples from NARS and MAC and extra Rodial lip liners. In my two drawer storage, I keep any extra bases, primers and concealers that I don't reach for everyday but still have ready to hand, right now, this includes my IASO BB Cream*, my Rodial Skin Tint* and my Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer. 

How do you store your makeup?