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Magazines, books, creative outlets and design sites are a handful of the tools I go to for blog, Instagram shots, fashion, styling and beauty inspiration, however magazines have and always will be, my number one. I've always relished and been fascinated by the print magazine industry and I adore flicking through and pulling out the pages that stand out to me. When working in Beauty PR, I used to get so excited when the magazines arrived on my desk - the monthlies and weekend supplements were always my go-to's, ELLE, Vogue, PORTER and Sunday Times Style would stack up on my desk and be there when I needed them. I'm magazine obsessed and adore the aesthetics and love how each page is styled so differently - one of my dream jobs is to be a graphic designer for a magazine!


The point being that magazines are my main source of inspiration for this blog, my Instagram page, my style, decor etc etc...  This post is dedicated to the magazines I read over and over again, pages I pull out and why and just a general post to share some love to the print magazine industry as it is one of my absolute favourites. There is something so special about buying and reading through a magazine and I hope this and my passion for them shines through in this post. 

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Where I Get My Inspiration -

Any magazine issue I pick up and particularly love, I keep in my magazine stash and reach for time and time again whenever I'm feeling uninspired and need to get the creative juices flowing or just fancy a sit down and flick through. ELLE is one of my favourites for beauty - the pages are always full of inspiration and the beauty features from Sophie and Joely just get better and better.

Millennial pinks and gold hues especially motivate me to play with more muted colours in my makeup and the brighter shoots often induce me to throw on a brighter blush or add more colour into an Instagram shot or blog post to make things a little more exciting. There's nothing quite like the Beauty Notebook edits in RED magazine, always oozing with new product launches, colour themed pages or trends you should be testing right now. These are the pages I tend to visit when I need some expert knowledge and love pulling them out to see how things change issue, after issue. 

VOGUE never fails to dazzle, amaze and motivate. Stunning pages with the best products around are a great way to spark content ideas and every issue is so different. I love to look back through old Vogue issues to see how trends have changed, what's come back into fashion and how to kick my style and beauty looks back in time. 

Fashion inspiration
Beauty and fashion inspiration

As-well as the usual suspects, I love the Jigsaw STYLE & TRUTH magazines that are released at the beginning of each new season - S/S & A/W. Not only do they showcase the clothes beautifully, they always have a specific focus over a few pages, whether it's the Winter Coat, Denim, Basics or a special fabric or print that has been used in a few products/styles that season. Each is written in such a captivating manner that inspires alone and the photography that comes with it always has a lovely look and feel to it. 

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Which are your favourite magazines for inspiration?

Jasmine x

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