A Blog Update


I'm BACK.... After a pretty long pre-Christmas and Christmas break due to final year of university commitments, JHM is back online with plenty a plan and blog post up her sleeve. My first post back was one big old 2017 Beauty Round Up where I basically sang the praises for each and every makeup product, skincare item, body scrub and wash I used and loved last year (warning: it's a long one so grab a drink). This post however, is a little 2018 blog update to keep you guys up to date with my plans for Jasmine Harding Makeup this year. Included is; branding and content plans, where I envision taking JHM in the future, a future blog schedule and some general things I aim to get done this year on the old bloggio. 

Jasmine Harding Makeup Blog Update


As I enter my fourth year of blogging, it's time to really knuckle down and get focussed. I've re-designed on many an occasion however my recent design, I spent a lot of time working on and am over the moon with the end result so far, however there are a few tweaks I'm looking to make over the next few weeks but the colour scheme and logo, are here to stay. Speaking of the branding, my logo is simple with a modern twist and I feel the overall website design/page layouts and colours perfectly encapsulate the modern beauty, travel and (future style) site for the everyday girl, that Jasmine Harding Makeup has become.With a big content change/update in 2018 (more on this below), I'm going to be having a big brainstorm on ideas for a potential name change - as myself and my blog grow, I envision something different to a solely beauty blog and want the name to reflect this. BUT, I'm talking future stuff here. JHM is sticking around for now. 

Jasmine Harding Makeup - January Update


Content wise, 2018 is the year I aim to stick to a set in stone blog schedule and post on a regular basis to help JHM grow in the right direction. Since I started Jasmine Harding Makeup, it's been primarily a beauty blog and heavily focussed on skincare and makeup routines, edits, reviews, favourites etc etc, however last year I introduced a TRAVEL section which I loved writing about and feel you guys loved following along with and reading, both on here and Instagram. So, as-well as continuing the travel section, I am also going to be introducing fashion and lifestyle to JHM, two topics I've wanted to cover for a long time now and have spent some time planning for, so I feel ready to go ahead. Things to expect? Wardrobe updates, seasonal style favourites, styling posts... you get the gist. Beauty lovers, don't worry, there will still be weekly/twice weekly makeup and skincare posts - nothing will change in that department, I'm simply just adding a few extra categories in that I have a passion for and want to photograph and write about. 


Have you set yourself any goals for 2018? Let me know in the comments below x

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