Creating A Relaxing Home

Using scents in a room or home is the perfect way to create a relaxing, uplifting and happy atmosphere. Whether it's a musky burning candle at my desk or a diffuser wafting beautiful notes of neroli around my room, I always have some sort of scent and love the feeling it gives me. The White Company and NEOM are my go to brands for buying candles, diffusers and room sprays, the extensive scent range means there is a smell for every mood and the quality of each product is absolute perfection, the candles burn all the way down in an even manner and the diffusers give a intense scent that lasts for weeks and fills the room. I've been using three scents lately that provide me with a relaxing work space and a scented bathroom. There is something fresh; something woody and something up-lifting. 

My favourite ever candle and diffuser scent is NEOM Happiness, the delightful blend of white neroli, mimosa and lemon creates the most positive and light scent. Containing the highest percentage of essential oils, the NEOM diffusers smell divine but also have therapeutic benefits as they help transform your mood and mind. The Happiness scent has been made to make you feel good, feel energetic and really lift your mood whilst my other favourite; Real Luxury aids in helping your relax and wind down after a long day (perfect for the bath). 

My most recent room addition is The White Company Pomegranate Signature candle, I usually opt for Fresh Fig, but wanted something more intense and woody smelling to take me into Spring before I start lighting the light, fresh scents. Pomegranate is luxuriously warming whilst the aromatic pomegranate and mandarin build a strong base and let the patchouli and amber notes create a soothing scent. With twenty-eight hours burning time, the White Company candles last for up to a month depending on how much you burn them and the beautiful glasses make perfect brush or eyeliner holders once used up and washed out! 

One scent I love to help me unwind and relax in the evening is Lavender and I can't be without my This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Infused with essential lavender oils, this unique spray soothes the body and mind, allowing you fall asleep instantly and sleep through the night easily. For an extra step of relaxation, I roll on some Deep Sleep Breathe In onto my wrists, this is a roll on scent of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert, the 'oils of tranquility' that provide beauty sleep whether you are at home or away. 

What scents do you use around your home?