Creating A Minimal Workspace

Having a clean, tidy and minimal workspace (for me) is key to productivity, inspiration and motivation. As my desk is where everything happens from writing blog posts, product shooting and editing to writing my dissertation, I've really tried to create a space that is filled with the things I love and things I find comforting to help build a productive environment. This post is going to share a few of the things I keep on my desk, how I style it and some tips on making the perfect workspace for you! - inspirational desk space

Having space and a decluttered desk is a fundamental step to feeling motivated and ready to work. With endless pieces of paper floating around and piles of 'stuff' stacking up around you, being productive becomes a lot harder. Before I start my day, I'll ensure my desk is clean, tidy and I have space to work, place a coffee (very important) and write in my Bullet Journal. 

Minimal desk -

Lighting is key for productivity and in addition to placing my desk in-front of my window for prolonged light and a more natural ambience in the room, I've added a copper and marble desk lamp from Oliver Bonas. The colours go perfectly with my other millennial pink and golden hues in my room and the bright light boosts productivity and keeps me working for longer. I always work with a candle burning as I find this creates such a lovely cosy atmosphere, the scents help uplift and boost my mood and they always look super pretty. At the moment, I'm burning a St Eval Figgy Pudding candle which is keeping the scent of Christmas alive and have Arket Oakmoss next which is citrusy, woody and up-lifting.  

At the back of my desk I stack up any beauty/lifestyle books and any magazines I'm reading at the time. This is perfect for days when I'm feeling less motivated or am stuck on an idea as after a flick through, pulling out any pages if necessary, I always feel re-inspired. Stationery wise, having notebooks, pens, planners and to-do-list pads are a great way to style your desk. I keep my pens in this Tiger Ceramic pot (my two favourite places to buy pens are Hay and Muji) and currently my Bullet Journal and laptop are sitting on my desk. 


Decorative accessories are another of my favourite ways to add character and this beautiful Anthopologie Pink and Gold Globe is the perfect size to sit in the corner next to my Roberts Radio. I can't always work to music and if I'm writing my Dissertation or have a blog deadline then I'll play a piano playlist from Spotify (I find this the best music to work to) but sometimes I like to switch on the Radio and I just love my Roberts Dove Grey Radio. The colour is super pretty, it matches my lamp and goes perfectly with the millennial pink globe. Chuffed to bits with this one. 

On top of my beauty book stash I've got my Urban Outfitters Wire Paper Slip where I place cards, event invites, press releases etc and my Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm and Avรจne Cold Cream Lip Balm* are also living in here for now.