Creating An All Natural Beauty Routine

Cocunat Skincare
Maintaining an all-natural, toxic, paraben, silicone, harsh fragrance and everything else nasty free, routine can be challenging with so many exciting, new and cult brands on the market, delivering products we love. I try to keep my skincare routine as natural as I can with brands such as Pai and Antipodes mainly dominating, but I've recently been introduced into a new brand called Cocunat. A brand with an ethos I love and a brand that believes in saying no to 'toxics in cosmetics' to help change the world. Cruelty and 100% toxic free, Cocunat create products that contain nothing but goodness. Having added some of their staple products into my skin and bodycare routine, here is my experience with the brand and the products I've been using day in, day out.





Cleansing is one of the most effective steps in a skincare regime so choosing the right cleanser, is vital. Balms, oils and creams are my favourite and tend to be the ones I reach for the most, however I've been using the Total Milk Makeup Remover* Cocunat lately which removes all makeup including mascara and eye shadow, perfectly. Enriched with orange flower water and vitamins C and E, it's very moisturising but most importantly, effective and ideal for all skin-types. Being 100% toxic free; no parabens, harsh fragrances, mineral oils or silicones, this product is guaranteed to deliver results and not create any trouble for your skin. 

Once all of my makeup is removed and my skin is squeaky clean, I've been using the Rose Face Toner* to tighten my pores, prepping my skin for any serums, oils and creams going on top for maximum absorption. Formulated with Rose and Linden flower extracts. the natural rose scent creates a beautiful user-experience due to it's light, fresh scent and gently hydrates, rebalances, revitalises and calms my complexion at the end of the day. 





Using a good face cream is essential for maintaining a healthy, youthful and hydrated complexion and to keep my de-hydrated skin as glowy and clear as possible, I love to use a natural moisturiser to ensure no nasties are being applied to my face. Cocunat's Hydrating Face Cream* for combination to oily skin has been my current go to as my skin is more oily than dry lately and with weather changes, I've been suffering from the odd blemish. The 100% toxic free cream has been formulated with Soybean Oil, Squalene, Hyaluronic Acid and Lemon and Sage extracts to calm, reduce redness, clear spots, balance and hydrate.  

Eye cream is one of my favourite products to use amongst my morning and evening routine for it's cooling and brightening effects it has on my skin dark circles. With a good eye-cream, I really notice results and this Anti-Puffiness and Dark Circles Caffeine Eye Contour* from Cocunat offers the perfect de-puff and de-dark-circle deed. With a caffeine and hyaluronic acid base, this rich cream puts the moisture back into my eye area and intensely brightens for awake looking eyes.



Cocunat Body Care






I've got pretty good at maintaining a natural skincare routine but things can slip in the body-care department as I add in more and more lotions, oils and scrubs. To kick things back to basics and try to keep everything on the natural side of things, I've introduced the Cocunat Energising Shower Gel* into my daily routine. It's zesty, refreshing scent of sweet almond oil, petitgrain and peppermint is utterly divine and keeps my skin feeling clean and moisturised. 

Another toxic free, natural wonder product from Cocunat is the Hydrating Karite and Ginseng Body Mousse*. Whipped into a deliciously thick body cream with a unique formula of active Cocunat, Cocoa, Shea Ginseng ingredients and essential oils, it's the brands best-seller for a reason. Nourishing, calming, repairing, firming and softening it sinks in quickly, keeping skin smooth and supple all day. 


What are your favourite natural skincare brands?