Cocoa Brown Gradual Tan

To keep my colour up what ever the weather than a fake tan is essential. If you're a regular reader of JHM then you would've seen my previous post on 'Finding The Perfect Fake Tan' then you may have seen that I'm abit of a fake tan lover and an even bigger lover of Cocoa Brown Tan. If I'm not going anywhere special and just want to add a touch of colour all over, then I'll always reach for a gradual tan Save the mousses for the special occasions ladies and get that soft golden glow over night...

The Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze is my go to gradual tan. I've been using this tanner for about a year now and love the beautiful bronze tone it delivers to my skin whilst keeping it hydrated and nourished. I've been slathering on a layer of this every night now for about a week and have reached my desired colour - a rich golden bronzey brown that makes me look like I've been away soaking up the sun somewhere exotic for two weeks.. Applying like a moisturiser but with holiday skin effects, this is a must have bottle for your bedroom shelf this summer. With Cocoa Brown you don't have to worry about the old biscuit fake tan scent or streaky legs, you can leave the orange tan at the door with this one. 

If you want some instant colour that develops over night but doesn't need washing off then grab a bottle of this. For the St Tropez girls who don't want to buy another bottle at £30 a pop then this is what you need to try next, everything in terms of application to build-ability and the natural looking finish are identical just Cocoa Brown retails for £6.99. Bargain. This really is a fail safe product that can be slapped on without having to worry about exfoliating or shaving 12 hours before, it's a slap it on and go jobby when you realise the weather is too warm for jeans and you'll be getting ya legs out. Everyone needs a bottle of Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze. 

Have you tried Cocoa Brown Tan before?