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Happy Sunday fabulous people!

Following on from my Bathroom Shelfie post, I thought it would be a good time to share with you the remainder of my beauty storage from makeup, skincare haircare and body products. Everything sits on top of my chest of drawers in Muji storage and although it isn't an ideal and forever set up, it does the job for now and is the best way to have it in my current flat. Starting with the Muji acrylic, let's talk storage...

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The Muji Acrylic Drawers... 

All of my makeup lives in Muji Acrylic drawers and I've got a mixture of the two drawers and five drawers stacked up to create the perfect makeup set up. At the top is the mini flip top drawer and this is where I keep my everyday everyday routine - highlighters, contours, base products, brow, lips etc, it's a total mixture in there of my daily picks. I try to rotate this weekly to ensure I'm testing different formulas and colours but I will always keep my favourites in here such as Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and Secret Concealer. 

The rest of the drawers have an array of different products in with each drawer serving it's own purpose. From the top; I keep any other base products in a drawer together and this could be a primer, blush, highlight, concealer or foundation. I switch these around quite often so always make sure they are at the top for ease in the mornings and currently they take up my first two drawers. The only products that are solely dedicated to their own drawer are the eyes and lips - I keep all of my mascaras, brow pencils, liners and shadow sticks together to make it even more organised and my nude lipsticks, liners and pencils lie together in a drawer with red lipsticks following suit underneath - with a few NARS Multiples alongside them. Palettes are a tricky on to store in acrylic drawers as they take up a lot of space so I've got my slim and sleek BECCA Eye-Shadow palettes stacked up in a drawer with some single shadows from Delilah, Benefit, Bobbi Brown and MAC and my NARSSISST Dual Intensity lives on a shelf in my wardrobe with my other face palettes and extra makeup brushes. - beauty storage - beauty storage - beauty storage

Brush & Sponge Pots... 

I keep a selection of my favourite makeup brushes on top of my acrylic drawers and rotate these when new ones come in. Currently it's Real Techniques heavy and I've got my favourites from the PowderBleu,  Brush Crush*, Bold Metals and Core Collection. To store my brushes I'm using a ceramic pot from Tiger and my sponges are sitting in an Urban Outfitters wire pot - old candles and mugs also make great options. - beauty storage - makeup brush storage - skincare storage

The Muji PP Vanity...

If you read my Bathroom Shelfie then you'll know that the products in my current morning/evening routine, masks and any extras that are on rotation in my routine all sit on my bathroom shelf and the remainder, I store on top of my chest of drawers alongside my makeup. For skincare I find the Muji PP Vanity boxes are much better in terms of size as you can stand products up, meaning there's a lot more space to fill and picking out products is super easy. I have three on the go - two for skincare and one for haircare and body. The box on the left is where I keep any new in products that I will be adding into my routine when needed - currently this is filled with moisturisers and serums and the other box is a bit of a mixture of everything - some new and some old. It's not the most ideal of storage - I'm still dreaming of a medicine style mirrored cabinet filled with my skincare but for now, this'll do.  

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How do you store your beauty products?