7 Beauty Hacks

Learning about makeup, skincare, different tricks and ways to improve your makeup is something I love doing day in, day out. Whether it's from reading another blog post, flicking through a magazine or on my favourite sites ; Get The Gloss, Daily Make Over and Byrdie, I love discovering new things to put to the test. After a few years of using makeup and working with it in ways that suit me, I've picked up tricks along the way that I want to share with you in one lengthy old post. With the usual glowy base trick and a new nail polish hack, get a pen and paper guys and gals, you might want to take some of these for yourself. 


Creating that perfect, precise line that neatens and enhances lips is a lot harder than we think when it comes down to it. One wrong touch and you've got red liner smeared across your cheek or if you draw slightly too much one side, you're left with a wonky pout but by drawing a cross on your cupids bow, you've got the central outline sorted and can work from there. Gone are the messy lips and over drawing will never happen again. 


Filling in our eyebrows isn't something that comes easy to us girls. Making sure you find the correct shade for you is absolutely crucial to a natural looking brow and finding the technique that works best for you, is the next most vital thing. Do you use a pencil? Gel? Eye shadow? Both? For me, it's eye shadow and gel, the duo that creates natural looking brows and simply enhances their natural shape. To keep them under control and locked in place all day, sweep through some brow gel or a spoolee with hair spray on and those hairs will not budge. 


Oh the art of contour, a sculpted jawline and defined cheek bones in one quick and easy sweep of a brush. To create soft shadows that enhance your face shape and add soft definition, opt for a cool toned bronzer or sculpting powder and lightly dust in back and forth motion in the hollows of your cheeks, Hello Rosie Huntington Whitely cheeks. 


The day I wake up with bright eyes that don't scream tired eyes will be a happy day, but for now, I'm working with what I've got and the easiest, quickest and bestest step I've learnt for hiding those blue shadows is with a creamy concealer that has yellow undertones and is of a medium thickness but has a light and bendable consistency. These little post hold the coverage you want, the hydration you need and the bright eyes you lust after. Laura Mercier Secret Concealer is my go to. 


One thing we can all agree on is how much of battle it is to get glitter of your nails, the whole process just puts you off using glitter polishes but with this tip, you'll be a glitter polish convert. It's a little lengthier than taking off your usual nail polish but it really does work. Simply soak your finger tips in nail polish remover for 1-2 minutes and then gently go in with soaked cotton wool. For me, this does the trick although I am thing of giving Essie Leave No Trace Glitter Remover a go, seems a little less time consuming. 


Whether it's blazing hot in August or snowing in December, fresh, radiant skin is all I want, naturally pink, glowing cheeks that glisten. The first step to achieving skin that looks healthy and has an all over glow is with a hydrating, illuminating primer - (NARS Multi Protect and Lancome Hydra Glow) and then the icing on the cake is all about which highlighter you use and how you apply it. For me, creams work the best and they add a soft iridescent glow that illuminates your entire face. Result.


To find your natural cheek colour, lightly pinch the apples and wait for a flush of colour to appear. On the days when you want a base that looks super duper natural, this is the best way to go about adding colour. Not only will it be the colour that is most flattering to you but you'll have colour in all the right places.

What would be your top beauty hacks? 


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