An Ode To Antipodes

To kick start my blog posts for the week, I wanted to celebrate Organic Beauty Week on JHM with one of my favourite skincare brands, Antipodes. Being an total natural skincare covert, my daily routine at the moment is made up of organic products that don't contain any nasties and are full of active ingredients that help heal my skin with time. Antipodes is a brand I've been using for some time now and have slowly built up a collection that includes some of their best selling, staple products which have become essentials in my routine. With a huge product list that range from hydrating cleansers to anti ageing serums, Antipodes focus on creating premium skincare that is natural and kind of both our skin and the environment. You could say natural skincare has really taken off in the past couple of years and with more beauty bloggers and customers using these products, we are more aware of the positives that they bring and that how important only applying natural products to our skin, really is. Since I've built up a near enough full routine of Antipodes products, my skin as transformed in appearance and texture, gone are the days when I wake up with a dull complexion or dehydrated skin, each product plumps and injects moisture into my skin, keeping it luminous and youthful. Here's a break down of the products I love. 


This light weight yet elusively rich, luxurious manuka and avocado oil moisturiser from Antipodes is a dehydrated complexions best friend. The creamy , butter like texture smooths over the skin with ease, rejuvenating ones complexion and enhancing your hydration levels, giving them the boost they need. The cream is packed full of natural ingredients that work on plumping, nourishing, reviving and hydrating dull, tired complexions that need a little boost in the mornings and with Manuka flower oil, not only does this treat skin, it heals and works on tackling blemishes or troubled skin. Skin is protected by the flower oil and regenerated by the avocado oil that has been used in this delicate cream. I apply this to a cleansed face every morning for some extra hydration before going in with my makeup and the cream sinks in beautifully without leaving a greasy film over the skin, meaning foundation blends seamlessly on top and simply melts into the skin. 


Out of all the skincare I use in my daily routine, a mask is one of the most important steps for me and is the product I love using the most. Although i don't use one every day, it's a twice a week kinda thing for me, the difference they make to your skin is the most noticeable of them all. Packed full of anti oxidants and natural ingredients, this Manuka honey mask works on cleansing the skin, moisturising from within and creating all over radiance. The honey is what really hydrates the skin and locks in that moisture, ensuring you are kept hydrated over night whilst the vanilla pod relaxes your skin and balances everything out. The scent this carries with it makes it even more of a luxury to apply, it's sweet with honey and uplifting from the mandarin, creating an subtle, soft aroma. 


Cream cleansers really are my thing. With skin that sucks up moisture like a cacti and dehydration levels that need restoring right away, a thick, rich creamy cleanser like this Antipodes offering is a must for me. The lime and patchouli scent keeps this smelling refreshing and citrusy, making it a joy to massage into the skin and leave on for a couple of minutes so it can really melt away the makeup. Coming in a 200ml pot, this stuff really lasts and a little goes a long way as it smooths out over the skin and emulsifies even more when mixed with warm water for a milky texture. Again, the avocado oil helps remove any impurities and the carrot seed oil is what gives skin that healthy glow. 


Like all other Antipodes serum, this is incredibly light weight but seriously powerful. Being the newest to my collection, this is the one I've been reaching for the most recently to see what it's like and to get some good results, so far? It's love. In terms of hydration, this is the best of the bunch, you can feel it penetrating deep into he skin upon application and the way your skin looks is noticeably different. For the best results, I apply this pre moisturiser to it is locked in place and can really work its magic. 



Whether you're looking for something that is for anti ageing or you're after a serum that prevents early signs of ageing, this is the one for you. With a water based formula, this is the ultimate hydrator for dry skin that needs some youthfulness pumped back into it. Oozing with berry, acai, blackcurrant, kiwi and boysenberry, this liquid serum injects some serious goodness into the skin which sinks in to start work from within. I apply 3 drops of this when my skin is lacking a glow and feels uneven in texture as it deeply nourishes and reduces the appearance of dry patches, dehydration lines and any redness, it's an absolute must for all skin types and works well either used once a night or as a once off skin treat. 


This was one of the first facial oils I added to my skincare stash and is the one that got me obsessed. With powerful ingredients such as Rosehip and Avocado oil, this stuff seriously works and fixes, treats and enhances ones skin. Designed to suit all skin types out there, this luxurious oil is light, yet intense and soothes on without leaving the skin feeling greasy or tacky. The formula penetrates into the skin straight away to replenish dehydration, reduce fine lines and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. For a skin boost, this is ideal and slapped on post cleanse, pre bed makes it the ultimate over night treat for radiant skin upon awakening. 

Have you tried any Antipodes skincare?