A Round Up Of My Favourite Makeup Bases

The Ultimate Glow Boosters  

With normal/dehydrated skin, I need my daily bases to be full of hydration, oozing with radiance and contain some seriously good skincare properties. On a day to day basis, I’ll use a tinted moisturiser or light foundation as I like to keep my makeup look fresh and healthy so a heavy duty foundation isn’t for me, on a regular basis. I’ve tried so many tinted moisturisers over the past couple of years both high end and drugstore to find the ones that work the best for me and despite finding some ok products in Boots, I’ll always invest in my base products as they are what forms your skin and creates the base for anything else going on top. With some very luxe picks, there’s are my go to bases on a day to day basis that give a beautiful glow and fill my skin with goodness. 

Rodial Skin Tint*: On the tinted moisturiser scale, I’ve been an avid user of the Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser & NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturiser for years now and both are still some of my all time favourite bases but over the past few months, I’ve been reaching for my Rodial Skin Tint as my tinted moisturiser of choice. With a very light weight formula, this is packed full of amino peptides which help brighten and enhance your natural skin tone. The hydra-fluid texture is ideal for buffing in in the mornings in a flash with your fingers or a beauty blender for a more flawless finish and both give a radiant, fresh finish that lasts all day and really promotes that healthy glow.  

By Terry Light-Expert: A stunning, illuminating base for tired skin that needs it’s glow putting back in. With a quick and easy Click Brush applicator, the By Terry Light Expert has a super light weight, silky formula that creates a flawless, natural looking base that allows your natural colour to shine through. With a brush applicator, you simply pump up some foundation and buff it in small circular motions into the face for a lit from within finish. With youth boosting ingredients, the foundation is packed full of skincare properties that help enhance your natural beauty. I’ve tested many foundations, BB’s and tinted moisturisers one the years and this luxe pick is by far the best, something I love and will continue to use. 

The Fresh Foundations

Despite having such a passion for tinted moisturisers and ultra light foundations, sometimes my skin isn’t all that clear or just looks a bit more tired than usual and therefore, needs more coverage. I still avoid using anything too thick in the day as I find it doesn’t do anything good for my skin and just leaves me with even more dryness and tends to dull out my complexion so opt for something that has a little more coverage but is still very light and of course, has that healthy glow I crave. 

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder: If my skin is looking a little more dull, lacklustre, tired and I need a little more coverage than usual, then I’ll go in with my favourite light-medium coverage foundation from Charlotte Tilbury. The Light Wonder in Fair 3 is an ideal match and simply creates a canvas that enhances my natural skin, giving coverage without masking and giving a super dewy finish all over. The youth boosting actives help fight an uneven skin tone and reduce wrinkles for a younger looking complexion. 

Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich: Another of my favourite build-able foundations, this Bobbi Brown pick is healthy skin in a bottle. The incredibly liquid-y formula with jojoba and wheat germ plant oils is incredibly hydrating on a dry complexion. Bobbi Brown has created a foundation that is suitable for normal to dry skin types that gives a light coverage and is packed full of Vitamin C and E to protect the skin whilst the lavender oils calm and sooth. A great product to apply in a rush, definitely the most bendable of the bunch and the easiest to apply in a rush, but it’s not the most long lasting of them all.

The Long Wearing Base

The ones I save for when I need some serious longevity, if I’m going out for dinner/drinks or for a long day out where I need something that will stay on the skin. Still, something that holds a such of glow but has a medium coverage, is thicker in consistency and overall, stays in place that little mile longer. Again, these are to high end products as I find nothing from the drugstore works on my skin for a long period of time or it’s just too thick and matte in finish.

NARS Sheer Glow: One of my first ever high end foundation purchases and still, one of the best. This stuff is seriously good. This use to be my go to day to day base but since realising I needed something more moisturising in the day, I leave this for the evenings or special days out when I need my skin to look utterly flawless. Applied with a beauty blender, this presses into the skin beautifully leaving a dewy coverage that does not budge. 

Giorgio Armarni Luminous Silk: Sitting in my foundation basket, I haven’t used this for a while now but it will always be my favourite fuller coverage, long wearing base. If I need something that won’t look any different from when I step out the door to when I return, I’ll reach for this. Developed with exclusive Micro-fil technology, it really does provide a silk texture that offers hydration and a coverage that can be built up to your desired finish.

What are your favourite bases?