7 Of The Best Hydrating Serums

When it comes to finding areas in your skincare routine to increase hydration levels and moisture retention, serum is the place to look. As serums go, their formulas are packed with a much higher concentration of active ingredients and smaller molecules meaning they really pack a punch when it comes to being effective as they go far deeper into the skin than your day or night cream.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) really is a skin hero and an ingredient that will visibly transform your skin. Its also a key and pretty common ingredient within many serums for its immense hydrating properties which leads to a healthier, glowier complexion and with a dehydrated skin-type, I always make sure HA is present in any of my routines. Typically, HA serums are lightweight meaning they absorb into the skin beautifully. Here some of my serum recommendations that keep my skins moisture levels topped up and ensure I'm dewy all day long. 






SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier*: This is a complete game-changer in the Hyaluronic Acid serum department and I've previously given it the title of the best serum I've ever tried. This wonder product not only provides an instant shot of HA but helps support skins existing HA levels to ensure hydration longevity. SkinCeuticals have taken this one step further by adding in licorice root and purple rice extract to soothe and calm which gives its incredibly light and cooling gel texture a purple tint. 

Medik8 Hydr8 B5*: One of the lightest and clearest HA serums that instantly absorbs into the skin for immediate hydration. Australia skincare brand Medik8 have worked on formulating a serum that is hydrating and soothing by combining Vitamin B5 and HA to replenish moisture levels and maintain a clear complexion. 







Darphin Lumière Essentielle Serum*: Something aimed more at increasing skins glow and radiance levels as opposed to cramming in HA, this crystalline water Darphin serum is still ultra hydrating alongside being incredibly illuminating with it's blend of 7 essential oils including orange, ginger root, cedarwood and mandarin. This is a two phase serum that works together on delivering water for hydration and oil for radiance from the 7000 micro-encapsulated oil bubbles; pretty magical. 

Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum*: By combining Willowherb, Chestnut Seeds, Algae and Persian Silk, Origins' Renewal Serum works on restoring your glow through minimising pores, reducing oil and imperfections, smoothing over roughness and refining skins texture. Its a lovely 'skin-perfecting' serum that brings back the vibrance. 


Pai Back to Life Hydration*: One of the most recent HA serum additions to the market and one that also packs a pretty good punch and shot of hydration to the skin. In addition to the HA, Pai have formulated this with Tri-Berry to boost skins ability to actually retain moisture. Antioxidant rich Pepperberry and Riberry have been used to help support and protect against any potential moisture loss. Plus, its natural and vegan.

Decleor Aromessence Neroli Oil Serum*: By combining active ingredients of Neroli Oil, Parsley, Hazelnut and Sweet Orange Oil, Declēor have created a 100% natural and active oil serum that works at delivering mega moisture, a hydration hit and radiance boost. This silky oil serum smoothes over the skin leaving a non-greasy looking glow that boosts the look of healthy, clear skin. 





FRESH Deep Hydration Rose Face Serum*: Not photographed here as I didn't have it on me but one that couldn't go amiss in a hydrating serum round up post. Formulated with HA, Rosewater, Cucumber, Angelica Leaf and Porphyridum (an algae for moisture) this is another one of my favourite serums to date. The Rose and Cucumber are instantly soothing and cooling on the skin and the HA of course helps attract and maintain that moisture to enhance skins glow and health. Likewise to the others, this is a fast-absorbing gel formula that feels super 'fresh' on the skin and layers well under other products. 


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