4 Face Masks For Summer


Whether it's to cleanse, nourish, exfoliate or boost the skin, face masks are one of my favourite ways to make my skin feel like my skin again. I often find myself applying face masks at least three times a week, each time, for a different reason and with a mask with a different purpose. Face masks are the perfect add ons to your existing skincare routine and can make all the difference in the overall appearance of your complexion, whether it's upon awakening in the morning, or after a quick 5 minute mask boost. With a dehydrated / normal complexion that experiences the odd blemish, I find myself using masks that 1) help boost a glow and give me radiant skin, 2) draw out any impurities without stripping my skin and 3) nourish and deeply hydrate. I've slowly integrated these four masks into my routine and although I do not use each one every week, I alternate between the 4 and pick which to use based upon what my skin is telling me, through look and feel. 

The One That Exfoliates & Gives a Glow | Ole Henriksen Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask*

This is the time of the year when we are all craving radiant, soft skin for Spring / Summer so we can stop relying on makeup to give us a healthy glow. I've always been one to exfoliate quite regularly but lately I've been reaching for masks that give me some double action and provide me with an exfoliation and treatment in one. This unique offering from Ole Henriksen is putting me one step closer to my Summer skin with an ingredients list that oozes with beneficial and skin loving ingredients such as; Vitamin A + C, Honey, Omega's 3 + 6, pomegranate seeds and sugar. The decadent, thick, gloopy formula makes skin glow within an instance and will give you a super soft complexion. This multi action mask works at cleansing and polishing the skin to reveal brighter and a smoother face that is instantly illuminated as the fresh ingredients buff away any dead skin cells. The honey and raw sugar help smooth and nourish whilst the pomegranate seeds work at refining your pores. 

The One That Soothes | Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask*

This luxe cream mask helps to achieve perfectly cleansed, soft and supply skin, providing fresh feeling and looking skin that gleams with radiance. The Manuka Honey draws moisture into the skin to intensely rehydrate, offering deep moisturisation and a deep clean. The light honey and vanilla scent is incredibly soothing and relaxing on the skin, helping to balance your aura and relax you in the evening. As well as being a perfect moisturising and soothing mask, it is filled with anti bacterial properties, making it a perfect solution for blemishes and spots, helping to calm and reduce redness whilst protecting and preventing. 

The One That Retextures | Origins Original Skin

It's time to glow big with this innovative 2 in 1 mask from Origins that helps give your skin a deep clean but also refines the skins texture, leaving you with radiant, soft and clearer looking skin. The Mediterranean Rose Clay, Canadian Willow Herb and Jojoba Beads all help to gently clean, boost and retexture the skin without irritating or leaving your skin feeling tight. Applied once or twice a week, this is the ultimate booster in your routine and will help prepare your skin for what goes on top, and ultimately is creating the perfect complexion for Spring/Summer. Despite being a clay mask, this is in fact moisturising and doesn't strip your skin, making it suitable for dry, normal and oily skin types. 

The One For Replenishment  | Kiehl's Pollutant Defence Masque

This new release from Kiehl's has transformed my skin in the last few months due to the vital ingredients that have created this luxurious, nourishing and (green) mask that helps improve everything about your skin. With the main ingredients being Cilantro and Orange Extract, this has been formulated to protect skin against damaging effects in the environment such as pollution and any other impurities our skin picks up throughout the day. Both ingredients help to defend and nourish our skin, giving the ultimate at home facial, leaving it feeling renewed, radiant and juicy. Applied either at night as a quick 10 minute fix or left on over night for an intense treatment, this is the ultimate mid week pamper treat when your skin's feeling abnormal and just a bit grim. 

What are your top face masks? I would love to know, please let me know in the comments below!