Transforming My Skin With Kiehl's


With a love for makeup and all things bronze, champagne and pink, deep down, skincare is what I love most about beauty and taking care of my skin is a huge part of my daily routine. Naturally, my skin type is normal, dehydrated and can sometimes be a little dry so I really focus on adding in the moisture and picking the products that give me a radiance and a healthy complexion. Int he winter months, my skin is more tired and dehydrated than usual so I love treating it to some new products and making sure I’m getting all the moisture I need to ensure a glow all through the summer. Skincare brand Kiehl’s is one I’ve admired for a long time now and find the ingredients in each product incredibly beneficial. I’ve recently added two new additions into my routine which have been the most transforming since building the routine I have now and used together, create a hydrated, healthy, glowing and smooth complexion. 


Hydro-Plumping Re Texturising Serum*: With a normal to dehydrated skin type, I've always slathered on oils, moisturisers, hydrating mists and sometimes a little serum but I’ve never really got into using a serum as part of my daily routine. As someone who usually uses an oil overnight, I never saw serums as being much use to my skin or in fact that I didn’t actually need one as I assumed I was getting enough moisture and nourishment through my oils. With the colder weather, I have stuck to a much stricter skincare regime and really focus on adding in the extra moisture when needed and after speaking to the Kiehl’s experts, it seemed a serum was what my routine was lacking.

The Hydra Plumping Re Texturising Serum* is an ideal product for a dehydrated complexion like mine but also suits all other skin types. With 15% Glycerin and Shiso Leaf Extract it’s an incredibly hydrating concentrate that focuses on flooding the skin with moisture to improve the overall appearance from how plump the skin is to a smooth surface. I apply one pump of this onto my skin in the morning and evening after toning before moisturising and it soaks in an instant, preparing the skin for any products going on top. I’ve been using this for about 2-3 weeks now and my skin has transformed, from what before appeared to be lacklustre looking skin that didn’t have a glow and felt dry, it’s helped boost my skins radiance and evened out my complexion completely. 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisture Balm Review.jpg

Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm*: Although I’m a huge believer in face oils and they are one of my favourite products to apply over night in terms of boosting a glow, to really give my skin some intense hydration and instant moisture, a balm is much more effective and relieving. This new 24 hour hydration product from Kiehl’s is a hydration wrap for your skin with it’s rich and creamy formula packed full of their iconic Ultra Facial ingredients of glycerin and Antarcticine which help maintain moisture whilst the new addition of Edelweiss flower extract strengthens the skins barrier to lock in the hydration for maximum hours. Melting into the skin, I apply a small scoop of this onto my face post serum and it melts in beautifully, working perfectly with the serum in terms of providing a high dose of hydration. 

Have you used any Kiehl's products before in your routine?