3 Ways To Make Your Content More Creative

We all love a clear, sleek looking design and bright, beautiful photos but the content on a blog is really the most important thing as, well, blogs are to write content on. Whether you run a beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, food etc, blog, keeping your content fresh, exciting and creative, is key to growth and readership. Within a post, there are many things you can do to boost creativity and for me, there are three ways in which you can fully embrace the creativity; photography, layout and planning. With us all having such strong passions for our blogs and what we write about, we can sometimes get sucked in and forget about the importance of making your posts stand out so in today’s post, I’m doing something a bit different and am talking about ways in which as a blogger, you can make your content more creative.

Photography | How you shoot & display your photo's

Many bloggers (myself included) see photography to be one of the most important things about blogging. Your photography can really entice someone into reading your post and can be the breaking point between whether they carry on reading, or bookmark your blog as a favourite. For me, photography is the most important aspect of my blog, as well as content, of course, but I take pride in ensuring my photo’s are good enough to add into the post and won’t put any images on my blog that I’m not proud of. The way in which you take your photos in relation to the set up, really reflects your creativity and gives you plenty of room for it. When you’re setting up your products or writing down blog ideas, take 10 minutes to really think about the photo, do you want it to be flatlay style or do you want the products stood up? How many props are you going to add in or are you keeping it minimal? The props you add into your images and the background you use reflect your creativeness and can really transform the way your post looks when put together. I spend hours when it comes to my photography, playing around with different angles, adding in different props and working out whether it needs more colour and find once I’ve found a set up I'm pleased with, I’m much happier with my post, creativity is key to your blogs identity so find something that suits you and go for it! 

Layout | How you present your content

How you display your content within each post is always vital to how people view your blog and it really reflects the style and look. Once you’ve got your photos taken, edited and saved in the correct format, it’s time to add them into the post, this is when you have the chance to decide how you’d like your post to look on your page and the freedom is endless in terms of how you add in your photos. Whether you have a thumbnail image with a small chunk of text with a read more button or you display the post in full, the choice is yours (I always add an image at the top and pick a bright, airy photo that stands out and fits in with the page). In regards of how you fit the photo in with the text, there’s plenty of options, to really make your posts more creative then instead of simply putting a photo at the top followed endless text, try breaking things up and adding in photos amongst the text, this way your readers aren’t faced with such a block of text and it makes the post flow a little better and look more aesthetically pleasing on the page. If you’re talking about more than one product then try adding two images side by side with a block of text underneath or even an image with a text block by it’s side. Think about how you’d like to see posts displayed and get creative! 

Plan, don't rush  | Your blogging process

One of the most important steps in your blogging process, planning. Just like when you’re writing your education assignments/essays, having a plan made/makes writing the final thing so much easier, you know exactly what you are doing and could almost spell it out on paper, ready to type. You were in control, and had an idea on where you wanted it to go. Well, the same applies for blogging, if you want to stay organised with your content, you’ve got to plan. Keeping track of blog posts, ideas, photos, set up, props etc, it all helps the end process; piecing it all together. When you’re at your desk jotting down ideas, next to each post name, write down the props you’ll use, the background, how you’ll set it up and how you’ll edit it, it makes the entire process much quicker as you won’t find yourself running around your house looking for a cushion or copper edition to your photo. Planning just makes everything a lot clearer for you and gives you an image in your head of what the post will look like when published, leaving plenty of room to play around and make it as creative as you can. 

So, there are my top tips for making your posts more creative, do you have any that I’ve missed?