Some Favourite Bloggers

Along with discovering all sorts of beauty favourites, 2015 was very much the year of blog discovery for me. Since starting up Jasmine Harding Makeup just a year ago now, I’ve been introduced to some pretty awesome blogs along the way, some fabulous girls and some really good friends! The blogging community is such a supportive, happy place to be a apart of, it’s incredible to have a bunch of people online supporting one another and it’s amazing to watch so many bloggers grow, reach their goals and achieve everything they deserve! I’ve got a pretty long reading list on my bookmarks tab which includes all the blogs I read on a daily basis, it’s getting longer by the day as there is always a new blog to be found! I’ve rounded up a very (long list) of some blogs I adore reading. There’s something in here for the beauty addict, the fashionista, fitness babe and the one who loves a few blog tips! 




Elle & Company | It's Pink Pot | Cocochic Blog | A Beautiful Mess Sugar & Cloth | Career Girl Daily

Who are your all time favourite bloggers? Let me know in the comments below so I can add them to my list!