The Best Of Crown Brushes

I'm a true believer in that to achieve great makeup, you need the right tools. There's no good having a beautiful powder blush with nothing soft enough to apply it with or a silky foundation with no brush that buffs it in properly. Investing in the right tools is an essential part of ones makeup routine and I've become a little brush obsessed lately. I've always used and sworn by Real Techniques but since I spotted Crown Brushes popping up here and there, I was swooning over the huge range and had to try some of the collection. The fabulous Zoe from Zoe New Love created a trio of brushes that have got my base covered, doubling up as primer soothers and cream blush applicators. Crown Brushes are incredibly luxe yet affordable and offer an extensive range that looks after your whole face, from fluffy powder brushes to precise eye liner brushes, there is something for everyone. CB also have an amazing brush range of the Kabuki's, the Minerals to the Duo Fibre's and so many more! I was lucky enough to get some goodies from the Infinity range which focus on creating flawless, perfected skin and each has become part of my daily routine.


Starting with my favourite of the three brushes and the most multi tasking of them all, we have the Pointed Foundation C450*. This chubby foundation brush has been designed to buff liquid and cream bases into the skin, focussing on creating flawless makeup. The matte black handle appears sleek in design and the soft bristles are tightly packed together, making this the ultimate buffing brush. Whether I've got a tinted moisturiser or a foundation, this tool blends everything in seamlessly in light stroking motions and buffs it all in within seconds. For the early morning riser, this is an ideal tool as it halves the time you need to spend on your foundation, meaning you get that extra 5 minutes in bed or an extra 5 minutes drinking your coffee. As this is a chubby brush and has a large brush head, it can be used in multiple ways. As well as foundation, I use this to blend in cream contour, blush and highlight to create a soft effect, so that everything is merged together. The small, yet tight bristles are great for working products into the hollows of your cheeks or blending concealer around your nose. 

The smallest and most precise brush of them all, the Pointed Blender C456*, is another brush with multiple uses. Whether I need something to blend out my concealer or blend in my eye shadow, this always makes it's way into my routine. The best and most suited use for this brush would be concealer. Using a brush to blend in the concealer around the nose, mouth and under eye area ensures it is applied seamlessly and stays in place. For cream concealers, I swipe it under my eye in striping motion and go in with the pointed blender in long strokes to blend it into the foundation. When I'm creating an eye shadow look that requires me using more than one shade, I like to have spare clean brushes near by that I can blend everything in with. This is perfect for smoking out the colour or perfecting the look with a touch of colour under the eye. 

For stand alone foundation application, the SS032 Pointed Blender* is perfect. The synthetic bristles pick up the right amount of product and work it into the skin without masking my face. If I'm not after anything of a high coverage or anything too perfected, this will be my brush of choice. The tapered tip really works the product into the skin, creating a healthy, natural complexion where my skin can still breathe and show through. Again, this can be used in other ways and my favourite way to use this is for contouring and highlighting. I really only work with cream products in that department so a brush with tightly packed bristles and a pointed tip is idyllic. I can buff into the hollows of my cheeks and blend on the tops of my cheek bones to apply highlight. 

Have you tried any Crown Brushes?