New In Beauty Buys

There's nothing I love more than picking up some new beauty bits, whether it's pay day, a treat to your self or you're just feeling spendy, getting new makeup is such a treat. Having it been my birthday on Friday, I was lucky enough to receive some beautiful gifts from friends and family but I also handed over a bit tooo much money in SpaceNK when I was in London but, everyone deserves a treat on their birthday, right?! Justified. It's been a while since I dropped one of these posts onto your reading list but to be quite honest with you, it's been a while since I picked up a number of things in one go so it was time to fill my SpaceNK basket and unwrap some birthday presents. There's a perfume I can not stop smelling, a lip pencil that is just the most beautiful thing to ever go on my lips, a body milk that smells like holiday, sunshine and percy pigs and an eye shadow paint that makes your eyes sparkle and glow. This is serious product love right here, promise. 

I can never go into SpaceNK and come out empty handed and if I do then it's very rare. After dragging my boyfriend around the store for two hours and asking his opinion on about 10 lipsticks, I went home with the NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Marjella - a dark, deep red. I'm usually swatching every single Velvet Matte Pencil in SpaceNK but having stacked up a collection of matte lipsticks, I wanted something that still had power to last all day but wasn't such a strong matte and held more moisturising / sheeny properties so a satin lip pencil was ideal. These smooth pencils glide onto the lip like butter leaving a satin finish that keep lips hydrated. Marjella is a shade I've been after for a while now and since I picked this up, not only have I been wearing it in the evenings, I've actually been brave enough to wear it out in the day. Super duper comfortable and a bold red and makes teeth look white and skin look bronzed. 

I've been after a new perfume for a while now after falling out of love with my current scent so I was super duper excited to unwrap a bottle of Escenstric 02 on my bday from the sisssssy. Having sniffed and sprayed this over and over again in Liberty's, I was totally obsessed with the smell and the fact that is develops to a different scent on each person, makes it even more of a special bottle. 

If there's one scent I am obsessed with, it's Korres Santorini Vine Body Milk. This fresh scented intense cream is a moisturising milk that leaves skin feeling ultra supple. Enriched with vitamins and oils, this is the perfect body lotion option for Summer as it will rehydrate your skin after a day in the sun and help keep your tan on for longer. 

Lastly I've added something new and exciting into my makeup collection this weekend which goes by the name - YSL Full Metal Shadow in the shade 04. Think Laura Mercer Caviar Stick melted down to a smooth liquid paint in the most beautiful golden champagne colour. YSL have introduced a metallic shadow paint that consists of a highly pigmented formula that has a ultra cool, glossy finish on the eye. With a super duper easy rounded applicator, this glides onto the lids, blends with easy and can be built up or smudged out to any desired finish. It's a thing of beauty.

What new beauty bits have you picked up recently?