3 Must Have Masks

There's nothing better than taking all your makeup off, making a drink, lighting a candle and slapping on a good old face mask at the end of the week. De-clogging, brightening and hydrating your skin is super important at the end of the week as it helps prep for the following week. With a million different masks out there ranging from clays to creams to gels to jelly's, finding the right one can be tricky but after trailing and testing some, I've got the brands who do them best and the masks that work well for me. In the warm (ish) summer months, skin can not only become dehydrated, but it can become congested so I find using a mask that hydrates, exfoliates and nourishes is essential. 

THE ONE THAT HYDRATES: If my skin is feeling dry, dehydrated and just feeling like it needs a big gulp of water, then I'll always reach for my Super Facialist Rose Intense Moisture Mask. This thick cream layered onto the skin is a serious skin treat that rapidly shoots white willow extract, vitamin E and marshmallow extract into your skin ready to plump and re hydrate. Once slapped on and it has been feeding my skin for about 10 minutes, I remove this with a warm muslin cloth to reveal softer, calmer, smoother and skin that glows. This is an absolute quick skin fix saviour and is perfect to whack on at night time if your feeling like a skin boost.  

THE ONE THAT NOURISHES: The Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask is a rich, creamy mask is the perfect partner to fix parched skin that is stressed and needs a treat. Containing west african shea and borage seed oil, Liz Earle has created a mask that uplifts skin and brings it back to it's normal state. Packed full of other natural ingredients, once smoothed over your skin, you can smell the light rose scent that refreshes your skin and helps you relax. This is the ultimate mask to wear in the bath as it really gets into your pores and penetrates your skin. When my skin isn't feeling as plump and doesn't look as healthy as usual then this is when I apply this, being suitable for a number of different skin types, whether you have combination or oily skin, the ingredients will work with your skin and improve what needs improving. An absolute must have on the bathroom shelf all year around! 

THE ONE THAT BRIGHTENS: Keeping skin looking radiant, youthful and healthy is really important if you want a clear and glowing complexion. A mask that exfoliates and moisturises is exactly what you're after and my new favourite addition for this is the Lush Brazened Honey Mask. If you're ever stuck on where to go for a face mask then LUSH is your best bet, they have something for everyone and each mask is 100% fresh and packed full of natural ingredients that only benefit your skin. Brazened Honey contains fresh ginger to awaken your skin, lime juice to refresh and rejuvenate and fennel to cleanse and brighten. Swell as containing fresh ingredients to boost skins radiance, LUSH have also used honey, almond milk and free range eggs to soothe and moisturise. For something multi tasking and effective, this is your mask. I use this when my skin is looking dull and instantly my face looks more awake and alive, perfect for those sleep mornings when skin just isn't looking its' best. 

What are your go to face masks?