DHC Brand Focus

I've had my eyes on DHC skincare for such a long time now and as a brand, it's been one I've wanted to try since forever. Being well known for their cleansing oil, DHC have a lot more to offer with everything from toning lotions to lip treatments. Before I start rambling on about the products I'll tell you a little bit about the brand. DHC is the Japanese No1 Skincare Company and is now a leading direct to consumer provider of all things beauty, skincare and body. With the main ingredient behind DHC products being Olive Oil, you are guaranteed high quality products that help promote healthy looking skin. You can buy DHC products on their own website but they are also stocked on Feel Unique where the entire range is available. In terms of price, DHC is in the ยฃ10 to ยฃ30 price bracket, product dependant so not exactly cheap, but a lot more affordable than other skincare brands that might be tempting you. I've been testing 5 of the products with a couple of skincare bits and a few makeup products. Here are my DHC favs... 

The product I was lusting over the most before I got my hands on one, was the Deep Cleansing Oil*. I'd read a huge amount of reviews online and kept seeing people post photos on it on Instagram saying just how luxurious it was so I was dying to try it. Enriched with olive oil, this is an incredibly hydrating and nourishing product that dissolves all traces of makeup and leaves you with silky soft skin. For an intense deep clean, I massage this into my damp face in circular motions to plump and firm and I watch the oil transform into something a little milkier. With a bunch of anti-oxidants and vitamins packed inside this is the ultimate cleanser for youthful looking skin that is oozing with radiance. 

The other skincare (ish) product I have been trying is the Olive Virgin Oil Swabs* . I saw AmeliaLiana use these in a video before and I was fascinated by them and how they actually worked. I was expecting a damp cotton end and wasn't sure if they would leave a greasy residue on the skin but I was so wrong. These are even better than I was expecting, the little swabs have been infused in olive oil and are designed to remove any smudges of lipstick, mascara or eye liner and can even be used to treat cuticles and on baby's skin. For on the go beauty, these are the handiest product to have in your bag as I find I'm always smudging something on my face so with these at the ready, I can remove any mascara blobs or red lipstick lines. An incredibly handy product that makes beauty mistakes a lot less stressful. 

Onto the beauty side of things and starting with the Liquid Eye Liner*, we have a jet black glide on liner that makes lining your eyes easy peasy. You will soon be an expert. The thin nib is easy to use and it dispenses the right amount of black to your eye, nothing that needs going over 5 times and nothing that looks too intense and wet. I love using this for a smokey eye for something dramtic but also find myself reaching for it in the day to create a smudged out neutral eye. Paired with the Mascara Perfect Dup Double Protection*, my eyes look dramatic, intense and volumised with the help from two products. For the lengthy lash loving girl, this is your mascara. The medium sized wand coats lashes in a non flaky and non smudgy formula that lasts all day and can easily be toned up a notch with an extra layer when taken from day to night. 

To achieve long lasting, flawless looking and seamlessly applied foundation, a primer is essential and this Velvet Skin Coat Primer* that DHC have on offer instantly smooths skin for the most perfected looking base. The transparent consistency minimises pores and evens out your skin tone as it reduces oil. For the oily skinned girl this would be ideal as it isn't going to give you that shiny glow or break you out, it will simply perfect and minimise. If you've got dry skin like me, then this too will work for you if you like the semi matte kinda finish. Skin looks fresh and healthy with this velvet texture that dries instantly. None of that hanging around for 5 minutes between primer and base with this one. 

Have you tried anything from DHC Skincare?