Laura Mercier or NARS Tinted Moisturiser?

One question that I see floating around the beauty blogging world quite often is which tinted moisturiser / BB creams do people recommend and which is better - NARS or Laura Mercier. Going back 2 years ago, you would never find me going near a tinted moisturiser, I was a full on foundation girl and loved something with a bit more coverage, however, in the more recent years, Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser has had me converted and I'm now working my way through every TM on the market. If you're new to the whole tinted moisturiser thang then it's basically a moisturiser with colour in it so you're still getting your daily moisturiser properties, just with a bit of skin evening out and a little bit of coverage. There's become a lot of hype around TM's recently but picking out the right one can be daunting. Which one for oily skin? Does it have enough coverage? Will it last on my skin? (Just a few questions I see on my Twitter timeline on a daily basis) Breaking it down to my two favourites and the two I find have the most hype around them, I've got a comparison post for you today - basically me rambling on about the perfect summer base. 

NARS PURE RADIANCE TINTED MOISTURISER (ยฃ29.00) | For the everyday all rounder, this is ideal. Suiting the oiliest of skin types and the driest, Christopher NARSSIST has created a complexion perfecting formula that brightens the skin, evens everything out and provides instant hydration. Holding an SPF 30, this is a fantastic base for every day wear as you've got your flawless base and SPF sorted in one. The formula is incredibly sheer, meaning you can build up a light coverage which is perfect for the good skin days when you don't have any nasty spots to hide and with a super dewy finish and a tint of colour, this ticks all the boxes of your standard TM check list. Skin is perfected but not masked, radiant but not greasy and overall looks a whole lot healthier and more youthful. NARS also have a pretty good shade range of 11 shades so you don't have to worry about having a orange face. 

LAURA MERCIER TINTED MOISTURISER (ยฃ34.00) | When it comes to tinted moisturiser, Laura Mericer knows exactly what she's doing. With 3 available - normal, illuminating and oil free, she has created the perfect canvas for every girl. If I'm feeling a serious glow and a flawless complexion then this is my best friend. This lightweight tinted moisturiser adds a hint of colour that can be used all over to even out your skin or just in the place you need it to keep everything looking natural. Not only does this have an amazing lasting power, it also holds more coverage so if you don't feel like a foundation but you still want something there then this is the one you need. Still being bouncy and light, this reveals a healthy glow that makes you look luminous and fresh with perfect skin every girl will be after. I actually have 3 of her tinted moisturisers now - Normal in the shade Bisque and the Illuminating one in Bare Radiance for the pale days and when I'm on holiday or when I've slapped on some fake tan I reach for Golden Radiance. With a shade range of 15 colours, you are sorted, although I would say maybe go a shade lighter as sometimes the colours goes a tad darker once applied. Told you she's got ya covered. 

Have you tried any of these?