Some Skincare Staples

For the last 3 months I've been really concentrating on my skincare routine and trying to find the best products that work for me, starting with a cleanser that removes any traces of makeup to a face oil that deeply hydrates my skin. I have been through a fair few bottles of stuff and have ditched the ones that don't benefit my skin in anyway and am sticking to good'uns that give me smooth, glowing skin that lets me go foundation free. Once you've got your skincare sorted, you are pretty much good to go and any makeup that sits on top will look fresh and fabulous but for these results, you've gotta test out a few things before you hit the nail on the head and find the staples. Having discovered a load of new products along the way, my skin has never looked better and I have these beautifully natural products to thank for that. Sill working on the ole dark circles, but my Jurlique Serum is working it's magic. 

As I have dehydrated skin, I always use a cream cleanser to remove my makeup as I find it works the best at really getting into my pores and extracting any nasties but it doesn't dry out my skin like a gel or foam cleanser would. I've been loving my Antipodes Lime and Patchouli Hallelujah Cleanser, I've been using it for about a month now and my skin has never been happier. Packed full of natural ingredients this thick cream nourishes my skin and reveals a brighter, more radiant complexion. If my skin is feeling extra thirsty then I'll change to my Aurelia Mircale Cleanser which works in a similar way at removing makeup but has a more hydrating offering. 

About once a week, instead of cleansing my face in the morning  like usual, I'll go in with my Super Facialist Rose Brighten and Refine Face Scrub to make sure my skin stays as smooth as possible. 

I'll go in with my Nourish Argan Skin Renew as a over night treatment about three times a week to really replenish and re hydrate my skin. This natural, luxury treatment applies like heaven and just feels like it is doing all kinds of goodness to your skin. Something I do everyday as part of my evening routine is use a facial oil, if there's one skincare product that has transformed my skin then it's the Antipodes Divine Facial Oil, packed will of nourishing, natural nutrients like Avocado and Rosehip oil this delicious oil hydrates, treats and cures your skin with 2 drops. Doubled up with the Argan Skin Renew, this is the ultimate pamper evening duo. 

I always try to use a face mask at least once a week and as my skin is de hydrated at the moment then my mask of choice is the Super Facialist Rose Intense Moisture Mask, another luxurious treat. I adore how thick this feels to apply and how plump it leaves my skin feeling. With an improved skin texture and a hydrated complexion any product going on top sinks in beautifully. An absolute must have. 

Have you tried any of my skincare staples?