The Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer

If there's a brand I can't stop talking about, it's Kevyn Aucoin. The majority of my face is made up of his products everyday from his fantastic Sculpting Powder and beautiful Candlelight Highlight to his Creamy Glow Tansoleil blush, the products work in sync and create skin that looks flawless and fresh. Each product has made it's way into my routine, all with good reason, they are simply the best and my favourite products to work with. Having got my bronzer, blush and highlight sorted in the Kevyn department, I've now aced the base with his multi tasking Sensual Skin Enhancer, a complexion enhancing thick cream that gives the appearance of radiant, healthy skin. Whilst this is pretty thick in the pot, it is incredibly creamy and blend-able and when in the hands of someone with the correct technique and tools, it's the most beautiful base you'll own. Having been using this for about a month now, I've mastered how to apply it properly and am left with skin that is perfected and natural looking but with a good amount of coverage. 

For someone who stays clear of any kind of full coverage, thick foundation, this is a real game changer. Although once scooped out the pot it is thick and pigmented in formula, I blend it in with any of my facial oils which instantly smooths out the cream turning it into a lightweight, silk cream that now looks like a tinted moisturiser. For a smooth, seamless application you need a large buffing brush to really buff it into the skin and to blend it out. Once decanted out the pot and blending into your skin, you see the real results and just how magical this product really is. With honey and jojoba oils, it gives a dewy, silk like finish that gives you the flawless skin you dream of. The coverage is most definitely build-able, you can apply a light layer and leave it looking natural or really work it into the skin, building up layers until you've achieved your desired finish. Not only does this work as an all over foundation, you can use it straight out the pot for pin spotting blemishes or under the eye to brighten and cover dark circles. The options are endless and each result looks natural and achieves the most beautiful finish. Having been in my stash for almost 2 months now, I couldn't be without it in my makeup bag, whether I'm applying it in the morning or using it as a top up throughout day. 

If I want a really glowy base then I'll apply my Lancome Hydra Glow Primer first and then mix my Sensual Skin Enhancer in with some champagne liquid highlight or primer to give the cream some lift and to add an all over ethereal glow. With some bronzer dusted over the top, my cheeks warmed up with some Tansoleil blush and then the high points of my face topped off with the Candlelight highlight, my Kevyn Aucoin base is finished. 

Have you tried the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer?